7 Things you Need to Know with Music Publishing Companies

Read this post on music publishing companies for a good laugh and sense of compassion about what you do…then finish the article for a good reason to keep on reading.

We have a music publishing expert hosting this website.  I, the person you’re reading from, am/is still the wise, (mostly) objective spectator who needs to learn more about this subject (for the next month or so) but here’s my totally useful take on what you need to know about the music publishing companies of our day.


Thing #1 You Need to Know

About Music Publishing Companies


A lot of the music publishing companies you know of, or can easily find through Google, are more “rights holders” than publishers. BMI, ASCAP, SESAC gathers songwriters and performers together, who are the legitimate publishers, and then these “music publishing companies” then connect you, the publisher, to the customer, the actual user of the product.


Thing #2 You Need to Know

About Music Publishing Companies

The best advice I’ve read, it seems, is from a book titled The Plain and Simple Guide to Music Publishing. The advice Randall Wixen gives is advice that Tom Petty & Ray Monzarek agree with completely: Protect your publishing rights.

If someone gives you a deal that involves removing you from your ownership of your intellectual property, think very hard about the long-term consequences of this action, get lawyers in on your decision, and find people who are more experienced than you and confer with them to decide if this is what you really want.


Thing #3 You Need to Know

About Music Publishing Companies

Beyond keeping your basic rights as holder of copyrights, get knowledge on types of copyright, laws on copyright, and find a confidant who can represent you objectively with a more established skillset in the music business.


Thing #4 You Need to Know

About Music Publishing Companies

By working with certain music publishing companies like ASCAP (Jim’s preferred association) and BMI, you pretty much automatically interact with people you need to be around to gauge your competition…which in turn allows you to make due adjustments to your music to take your creative work to even the NEXT level.


Thing #5 You Need to Know

About Music Publishing Companies

If you show massive potential, they’ll throw your songs to a certain group of people who represent the ideal demographic for your song (the one I’m certain of is that they test for “cool” people between 18-25 with people who fit the stereotype for the song—ex: dark-dressed, stereotypical “emo” kids/teens/young adults would be asked to rate a song from 0 to 4, where 4 is “Extremely liked.”

The average number you receive fills in a long-researched formula that predicts (according to Malcolm Gladwell in his book, blink) with 85+% accuracy whether or not you make the Top 40 chart..


Thing #6 You Need to Know

About Music Publishing Companies

It’s a continual thing…it needs to be your passion and play for you to rise to the top…This one’s obvious.

If you can show me one example of music where there’s not some high level of emotion, good or bad, I will give the first person to show me the source-backed document/song/album/band that did so $20.


Thing #7 You Need to Know

About Music Publishing Companies

You can be one, too. Who you commonly associate with “music publishing companies” are not really music publishers…they just connect the REAL publisher with the end user–the advertiser, video game designer, or film director/producer, etc.. Then they get their profits by agreeing on total payments from the users and then simply paying you a royalty, a percentage of your sound recording.


No matter what, your passion will shine through, and you’ll end creating a lot of value for the world…assuming you follow the earlier Justing Bieber post.

For more information on this, you’ll receive a far more accurate review of the seven things you need to know about music publishing companies in the next post.

I’ll interview him and learn EVERYTHING about music publishing companies…everything!

No (awesome) stone will be left unturned.

If you take these “things,” these truths to heart, your chances of becoming a big-time music publisher will likely increase.

Talk soon!

From Your Friends at PlayGrind,

Aaron (Representing Jim Meeker)

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