I am a spheremaking rockhound, metalhead musician, app-making, micro-brew enthusiast, adventurer, and thrill seeker (As long as said thrills do NOT involve great heights, fast speeds, going in circles, tight spaces, extreme temperatures, snakes, spiders, alligators, sharks or activities with a high likely-hood of resulting in serious bodily harm or death ).  I’ve been married for 15 years, have three awesome kids, and 70 pound pet poodle.  I live in West Michigan and love Lake Michigan and travel.  I compose music and have had placements on close to 2000 shows and commercials.  In my spare time I sculpt stone spheres.  I am the sole proprietor of Playgrind Publishing Company and originally formed it as a means to collect my music publishing royalties.

I recently partnered up with internet business and marketing whiz kid/genius, Aaron Bell. He is now a major contributor to the site and lends his knowledge freely in the areas of business, marketing, music, and life.

Thanks for stopping by…

Jim Meeker