Where Do We Go To Learn More About The Best Software on the Market Today?

Good to know where to learn about the best software, because when you access the right websites,  you’ll always stay up to date and never miss out on potentially critical updates on the software you employ in your work.


To learn most about the best software available, visit propellerhead.se and Youtube.com/reasonmastaa. These two sources will give you the best information on music software available today (PropellerHead really gives a super unbiased (and substantive!) description on various elements and principles incorporated in the music software! I think that they make such great software BECAUSE of how deeply they write about their software.)

Other resources include Fruity Loops’s YouTube channel. Ableton’s IN-SOFTWARE tutorial (which I appreciate and find bad-ass).


NeuroPlasticize: Research at ten different aspects of the software… especially from the software developer’s website and experts with their own YouTube channels.


About the Latest App: Pull out your iPhone right now, unlock the screen, go to the App Store, Search “Atmospheres,” then click “Buy Now” to get Jim’s amazing app, Atmospheres… available now!

Or you can act like a cheap bastard and buy the free version… lol :)

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Why Thor Is the Best Piano Module For Your Synth Toolbox

Thor has always been my favorite “piano module” to apply to any music I create ever since I started using computer software to create the music I want.


What it does is it affects everything about a soundwave. It also helps you affect soundwaves with the most user-friendly interface I’ve ever seen. Thor has every method of transforming a wave with basic tools that actually create the wave, including three different oscillators such as FM, analog, and wavetable oscillators. Each of these oscillators (and tools otherwise unmentioned) have a purpose explained in the initial Thor tutorial given by “Reasonmastaa.”


To apply Thor to suit your piano module based needs, simply download and install Reason (if you haven’t already), then click Edit => Create Instrument => Thor Polysonic Synthesizer. From there, click “Show Programmer,” then just mess with it as much as you’d like.


This will create maximize everything you could ever want for every situation you could ever think of. Let’s make it work.



For more information on modular synths. For more info on creating and mastering music in general, go to Propellerhead’s Substance section for more information about all things reason and music production–it is really the highest quality source of information I’ve seen on music product to date.

Knowing Your Modular Synth: 23.499 Minutes to Understanding Thor

Check out Propellerhead (or the creator of Reason’s) description of Thor… If this doesn’t compel you to use it, I don’t know what will:

Thor sounds like no synthesizer you’ve ever heard before – and every single one of them. Where other synths use one specific form of synthesis and one single filter, the Thor polysonic synthesizer features six different oscillator types and four unique filters. What does this give you? Simply the most powerful synth ever created; an unstoppable monster of a sound generator that utilises synthesizer technology from the last 40 years.

Thor Polysonic Synthesizer (Your Favorite Modular Synth)

If you’re interested in advancing your proficiency in the modular synth, Thor, and fine-tuning your work, check out this video.


This is one of the more comprehensive Thor tutorials available on the Internet: Reason Basics – Complete Thor Tutorial. Then, Thor Demystified 1 is the start of a series by Propellerhead that elaborates into why and how Thor–and all modular synths–work.


Watch the movies and comprehensive breakdowns, and you, too, may understand Thor in no time.


“We can’t win a game that we don’t understand” (Pagan, Eben in Self-Made WEALTH when talking about the monetary system… applies to all).  Let’s understand Thor–and Reason.


Talk soon, Friend!

Your Friend,

~ Aaron

Let Me Give You a Reason: How to Double the Quality of Your Music Instantly

If you have Reason, a certain component of this software is guaranteed to make a world-famous musician out of you, which will, in turn, make you extreme levels of love and monetary gain.

Furthermore, this part of this amazing software will allow you to express yourself more fully than a lot of other instruments out there

With build up no more, allow me to pay homage to one of the reasons that Reason is so great.


The 2012 version of this Swedish program, Reason, comes with the Thor Polysonic Synthesizer, provided you didn’t uproot it from the installation.

Thor’s an excellent component, you’ll find, because of two reasons:

  1. It works beautifully and organically with or without a MIDI device (as compared to the Kong and Redrummer drum machines… Which Thor can easily replace), and
  2. It has powerful preset MIDI sounds that even the most basic user can play with for some amazing effects.

More on the First Point:

Because it works perfectly with or without a MIDI device, I felt really happy when I found this.

A keyboard lies underneath my bed; however, the keyboard is less a MIDI to USB cable, which is essential to playing this beautiful instrument WITH my computer.

I suspect that some traveling musicians and beginning music software afficianados will like the ability-to-play-anywhere feature of this program


More on the Second Point:

Besides the user-friendly interface that works with or without the MIDI device, this software has a myriad of incredible presets such as “Bendy Reece,” “Syn Cymb B” (not “A”), and every bass wobble you can imagine, (which, if you’re into DubStep, is an absolute gold mine).

Furthermore, it has a series of very playful presets such as the “I Am Thor” and “Thor’s Tiny Hammer” inputs. Thor’s Tiny Hammer could go into a fun retro game, I suspect.

If you want to know the absolute coolest sound, though, set up “Percutron (Run)” and simply play with that, because if you’re into video games, you could definitely make a cool soundtrack or background music with just that.

(I love the guys who made Thor.)


In Conclusion:

No matter what you choose, these various (high quality!) presets allow you to create incredible music of your own.

It might even please you to know that some pretty popular bands have played many of these exact sounds (or really familiar sounds, at least).


How to Use:

When you have Reason, simply click Create => Instrument => Thor Polysonic Synthesizer.

If you don’t have a MIDI keyboard yet, like me, press F4, and Reason will present you your beautiful, world-class, on-screen keyboard–just for you… isn’t that nice of Reason?


Play with it, watch your love for music increase ever more with it, and blow your own mind with it and the melodies you create.

If you play this awesome device in this awesome software, I assure you that you WILL be amazed… Beginner or Advanced.

And, of course, you may just double the quality of your music instantly.

(However, if you’re advanced and opine that different software makes an even greater impact in the music community, I want to know!)


Talk soon, friend!

Your Friend,

~ Aaron


P.S. If you want to learn how to make instrumentals SUPER awesome…

The Next Level

If we could research and figure out the answer to one question or one area, what would it be? What area of research and development would give you the most satisfaction, the most love and connection as well as growth and contribution to the world in how we actually contribute value?


Because this music-based blog covers three main things: music publishing, app developing, and sphere-making.

We want to focus on one.



Each of these subjects provide excellent insights into the possibility of what we can create:

  • If you want to monetize your music most effectively, then we’ll focus this blog on the best insights to music publishing you’ve ever seen—this will likely cover some music creation tips here and there, just for fun


  • If you want develop and market your own app, we’re certainly not experts yet, but we’ll keep you in the loop with our progress as we bring people who ARE experts on this site; we’ll give you exactly what you want in this area


  • If you want to make wickedly cool spheres made out of the rarest rocks, we’ll cover this awesome subject as well, too; Jim has a website called Spheremaker.com, and he does some pretty wicked business on that site—it’s somewhat popular


So let me know what you want to learn more of, and we’ll take things to the next level in whatever area we see the most demand.

Talk soon, friend!

Your Friend,

~ Aaron


P.S. If you’re into music publishing, here’s a post on making instrumentals that you can apply to crafting your music publishing deals as well.

So You Want to Make an App–12 Sounds to Incorporate Into Your Apple or Android App

This is just a fun post to give you some ideas in the chance that you’re creating the next #1 app for Apple or Android devices.

These are simply ideas (ideas which stem from a source of an infinitely greater number of ideas—our mind) for sound effects, yet you might even use these ideas as a theme with which to create cool background (or foreground) music that flows and works with your song.

The List:

  1. Nails Dropping, Bouncing on Cement
  2. Shingle/Hay Elevator
  3. Cars on a Busy Bridge, Heard from Underneath
  4. A Busy Bar (Possibly with a Friendly, or Angry, Drunk)
  5. Girls Giggling (or Laughing Hysterically)
  6. Guys Laughing (or Giggling?)
  7. Sound of a Busy Xbox Controller (Preferably the sound of a controller played by an expert CoD player)
  8. A Family Fight About to Resolve
  9. Pen Scratching on Paper (I love this sound)
  10. Typing (“Clicking”) on a Computer Keyboard with Mouse Clicks
  11. Horses (Farm Animals) Eating (Nom, nom, nyom)
  12. People Eating

This list originally had commentary with each of these. A funny commentary goes with the last one that you’ll want to read: “The sound of a woman chewing a glass-crisp, light-green salad… with the very, very light sound of ranch dressing brushing the tiny peach hairs beneath her bottom lip. Yum.”

Enjoy :)


Talk soon, man!

Your Friend,

~ Aaron


P.S. The bolded are my favorites.

P.P.S. Here is the website for the app to show what Jim did by recording sounds like those mentioned above.

AtmoSpheres Sleep App for iPhone/iPod Touch Available Now!

I’m happy to say after months and months of development, my iphone app, “AtmoSpheres” is now available in the app store! Please take a minute to check it out if you have an iphone/ipod touch/or ipad. It can be found in the app store here:


If you download it and like it, be sure to leave a positive review! I’d really appreciate that!I’m on a trip up in northern Michigan on the Keewenaw Peninsula. It’s beautiful up here and I’m hoping to find a few nice rocks. I’m also recording a ton of great sounds for the next AtmoSpheres update.

AtmoSpheres Sleep/Meditation/Relaxation App Preview

The AtmoSpheres sleep/meditation/relaxation IOS app under development is almost complete!  Get a little sneak preview by watching the video NOW!