This Post Could Make You Rich

In an earlier post, I posted David Jenyn’s, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) video producer, e-mail to me about how much time he devotes to his finished work. He e-mailed me how he infuses three hours of his time into every finished, edited minute.

Why not use this for your personal NatAblWritMon, or National Album Writing Month?

If authors everywhere are going to devote at least twenty hours over the next month to creating their masterpiece 50,000 word novel, then why can’t we do something special and create an awesome song or something?


So, here’s the challenge (if you’re not doing NaNoWriMo)… devote a certain amount of time each day to crafting that master song.



How You Might Use That Part of the Day Might Include

  • Improvising/Jamming Out/Freestyling with your Instrument of Choice
  • Consulting Music Theory books and sources to implement new ideas into your music
  • Mastering  a certain transition (say, from chord to chord) in your natural playing so that you can implement them in your freestyle and therefore into your song
  • Calling (and then E-mailing) your particular music idol to create your song
  • Modeling other songs to make your song… (preferably to make your song better than there’s)
  • Take drugs… for the remaining eighteen hours after you master your best-selling hit in the first two


If it takes an author 2 hours to crank out 5,000 words, then it means that it takes the author 20 hours (not including breaks) to crank out 50,000 words. So, with that in mind, let’s do something crazy and devote 5 hours to your music—specifically your next hit song—and continually add (or better yet, take away) components and modules with the song to make it better.

That’s about 43 minutes  a day to making this one hit song super good… or 1 hour a day if you exclude weekends. I prefer writing daily (as you’ll see on this blog).


Happy Songwriting! (This post could make you rich)

Drop the Hammer on Modern Digital Music Distribution: Using the Law to Your Advantage

Sorry about the late post. Measures have been taken to assure your daily fill of music publishing knowledge.

If you want to really protect yourself and your delicious music juice from illegal digital music distribution sources, then you’ll like this post. I’m no lawyer, and thus you might continue to befriend and confide in your attorney with more dollar bills (or pounds) for his input. Nonetheless, read below for a piece of delicious, law-based candy.


Hammer Modern

Digital Music Distribution

With U.S. copyright laws (currently, I speak just for the U.S. here).

S0mething to consider: when you conceive your intellectual property in tangible form (sticks, paper, audio recording, video recording, crayons on wall), copyright laws stand guard to protect you and your property. Two copyrights you immediately contract (in ways not unsimilar to diseases):

  • Performing Arts (PA) Copyright: The actual composition, map, that will create the sounds that make your music
  • Sound Recording (SR) Copyright: Interpretations of that map, the actual recordings of people following the map of your music

For digital music distribution companies to legally spread your music, they need obtain a mechanical license (aka audio-only license) from you. They must contract (whether oral or written) with you before spreading your music, digital or otherwise.


Randall Wixen* and Eric Beall** (music business weasels) recommend that you acquire an official copyright license as little formality to protect you one step further than the default copyright laws.


If you remember these two little bits of information, you can prevent shark music publishers from eating your media (music or otherwise) alive.


More Resources

Sources: Law In Business (8th Edition), and The Plain and Simple Guide to Music Publishing

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How to Make Instrumentals–And All Content–Twice As Deep, Twice As Connectable (A Mountain-Moving Way to Make Instrumentals)

As we said in the other post on “How to Double the Amount of Time People Listen to You,” when you think of the things you’d never want to have happen to you or a loved one, you’ll have content that people will pay you money for.

Considering terrible, emotionally degrading thoughts while developing your music can create that certain feel to your music that people will love. When you make instrumentals along the lines you’ll see here, you’ll create a work that others will download and work with time and time and time again.


For example, Johnny Cash wrote the song “Hurt,” (not an instrumental…but still moving…the instruments themselves convey the emotion described in the lyrics and tonality of Mr. Cash).

In the song, he explains and magnifies what really matters in life…by illustrating the guilty and more apathetic components of life.

The cool thing is that he illustrates a deep love for humanity in the guilty, sorrowful tonality– noting that giving (when he says, “You can have it all—my own pile of dirt”) is the best thing we do, because the people we’ve hurt deserve it (and they deserve so muc h more than we can ever give them…the love runs deep in this song).

And he illustrates his love through feelings of hurt from what others of done, hurt for loss of those he’s loved, hurt in his forlorness in that life is gone sooner or later, and hurt in that he’s become someone he hasn’t wanted to become…someone who’s hurt.

By showing the things we don’t want to have happen to us, we simultaneously represent the existence of the better side of things in its contrast, which is part of what makes songs (and what will make instrumentals you right) so very beautiful.

I, personally, love it in every way possible for a person to love a song, songwriter, and performer.

Other people love this as well (Youtube shows 40+ million views as I write this) .

With your emotion, your thinking on the opposite realm from happy and all-things-good, people will embrace and connect very deeply with your music.

(A funny story here. I heard the Nine Inch Nails version first, so when I heard the Johnny Cash original in a trailer for a video game called Prototype 2, I thought some guy had ripped off Trent Reznor’s amazing song…lol! How off I was!)

The video works so well with it as well…which is what you want your song to be able to do with ads/movies/etc. for big-time deals, in certain cases.


Try to keep those sad, infuriating, hope-extinguishing thoughts in the front of your mind while writing and performing these instrumentals. It’s good to have a little darkness in your work.


If you keep these thoughts in mind while working your work, creating this piece, this art you want to give the world, people will feel you at the deepest level possible.

Let me ask you this. What if you could connect with people at the deepest levels of their existence, their humanity? What would it do for your career? What would it do for your soul, your level of being when you paint such moving feelings and images–when you make instrumentals that sweep the feet of others in a very dramatic way?

By doing what’s described above, your audience (and those outside of your audience, probably) will connect with you and appreciate your work so much.

We all look forward to hearing your work, friend.

Talk soon!

From Your Friends from PlayGrind and Sindustry Beats,

Jim & Aaron

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P.P.S. Another post that might interest you on how to make instruments of yours great.

Dark and Alone…Why You May Want to Use These Concepts to Your Advantage

The ideas you make from this post may make you millions–millions of dollars and loving and adoring fans that enjoy from all across the globe.

Fans (and non-fans for that matter) are hungry to be understood…they’re hungry for connection (as am I and maybe you, perhaps).

So let me ask you this. Is there something’s dark and known only to you? Something you’d never tell anyone else?

Chances are that someone else has a similar situation…And if you can make it available to the public somehow, you’ll connect with and emotionally transform certain group of people on a really deep level. You’ll be the person who understands them more than anything else.

Proof? 50 Shades of Grey and any song by Korn, NIN, or certain songs by Blink 182, even.

So maybe write a song like that and the instrumentals to accompany that style of song.

It’s your choice: Superficial and publically acceptable (a like everyone else trying to get success) – or – Deeply emotional and specifically connectable (and super successful).

The positive consequences far outweigh any fears you might have with this. Letting someone else know about that “demon” who paints darkness in soul could possibly make you millions.

Talk soon!

From Your Friends at PlayGrind,

Jim & Aaron

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He’s Writing a Book! And It’s Going to Be GREAT — (OK–Ego Aside Now–It’s Still Something You’ll Want to Read)

If you want something that you can read and really move the world with your love, then you’ll want to read this.

If you want something to spend a fortune printing out to then burn gloriously in your fireplace for a few moments, then you’ll want to read this.

Jim Meeker has been talking to me about writing an e-book, which I want him to title, How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Music Publishing: How to Go from $0 to $62K/Year in Music Publishing with No Work.

It may be a marketing technique when we say, “No Work” in the title. But in here, “No Work” is absolutely true. Once you reach the point that we do in our careers, whether with publishing music, copy, or academic writing, it really becomes a thing of play—never of “work.”

Life is simply fun with this.

Well, if you want to learn more about this, stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post on the up-and-coming eBook (e-mail newsletter with valuable content coming soon!).

If you read this next blog post, angels will cry because of how happy they are for you. It’s really fun talking with you, and I know you’ll enjoy this awesome piece of happiness we’ll display for you tomorrow.

Talk soon!

Your Friends from,

Aaron (representing Jim Meeker)

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