One Surefire Way to Make Instrumentals Liked on Facebook (Or: One Surefire Way to Avoid the Massive, S***ing Turtle)

(The original draft of this was funnier but obscene. Here’s the obscene post, if you prefer. It’s funnier.)

There’s a floating turtle the size of your house taking a massive dump on your back porch. Have I got your attention?

There isn’t really a floating turtle the size of your house taking a massive dump on your back porch. I just said that because I love you. However, this turtle will… [picture an obscene turtle scene drafted here] if you don’t listen to the following post… which will get your links to your instrumentals clicked and liked on Facebook.


If you can perceive that giant floating turtle, you can conceive whatever goal you want in life, whether it’s to make instrumentals awesome or create the biggest collection of Yahama synths in the world. So why not keep that image in your mind?

One very cool guy said, “Thirst is the surest proof of water.” The same applies to your goals and your desire for them, whatever nature they may be.


Now, let me ask you this. What would happen if you pictured your goal more intensely, more vividly than ever before? What if you revved up that intensity every day so that your goals became a freakin’ Mo-driven purpose in  life that actually DROVE you to whatever end you chose to conceive?

Wouldn’t it be a crazy change in life?


If you don’t begin to hold that amazing goal in your mind and on paper right now, if you don’t uphold that outrageous goal that no one else thinks you can accomplish right now, then that turtle will do… terrible things. It’ll only do terrible things if you stick to blurry, small goals that don’t allow you to realize your full potential.


For more information on goals, consider any personal development book in the world. Specifically, consider these books in the following order, Think and Grow Rich, Master-Key to Riches, “MTO” with Paul Scheele and Jack Canfield, all things Tony Robbins, and The Magic of Thinking Big.

Another thing, too, is that once you set your goals, you can apply the other technical know-how described elsewhere in the blog. Especially when it comes to understanding your modular synths or making instrumentals of  yours rock.

For instrumental music free downloads, consider this blog post as the beginning of a source of never-ending music that you will love and love forever.

If You Want to Make Instrumentals Great–Consider Bringing Color Into the Equation


(Photo Credit to darksage777!)


For more info on how to make instrumentals awesome, consider the link in this sentence.


If you want to experience the love associated with being able to identify essential components of a song (and thus being able to apply them when you make instrumentals of yours truly great), then consider what a friend of mine, Elijah, told me tonight. Also, later in this post, you’ll get to figure out exactly how to get this legendary trait that experienced musicians call “perfect pitch,” with me proving how you can do it in posts to follow.


He said that people with perfect pitch associate colors to a certain color. Like “A is red, A#/Bflat is a more red-orange, B is an orange, C is a orange-yellow, etc.”


To get a perfect pitch, we can associate colors, feelings, tastes, whatever–when people are able to “read” tones…it’s nothing more than easily accessible associations.


For the next ten days, while you make instrumentals, consider taking ten minutes a day to really think of a color to associate with certain pitches. That is, when you press the A key, think of the color “red” or “azure.” I advise the colors of the rainbow, the ROYGBIV sequence because it follows a logical order.


What if you could identify a pitch with the bat of an eyelash? How would it help your music career to identify the note in a drop of a hat? What if you could pull the notes from the song just by listening to it?


Look forward to hearing how your results with music improves after applying this strategy. You’ll make instrumentals of yours absolutely phenomenal.


Talk soon!

Your Friends from PlayGrind,

Jim and Aaron


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P.P.S. Here’s that link again for the other post on how to make instrumentals amazing…check it out!


P.P.S. Check this link for an awesome instrumental music free download!

What Is Life? (Hint: It’s How You Perceive It) OR How to Get the Most Bang for Your…Ten Minutes

Before I begin, let’s figure out what it takes to get into the publishing business.

As with any profession (or any area of life, actually), the mind must first be controlled before you can really get into this profession. Because, sure, you might be an excellent musician, or an excellent songwriter, but until you get your inner workings together, you’ll never have what it really takes to “Get to the Top.”

Now, let’s examine one of the most powerful tools that may shape your music publishing career, and your life, forever!

Let’s make some change happen.


Not intending to stir a controversial subject here; just probing your mind a bit to get you thinking. Whether we want to admit it or not, and whether you believe that a great deity created you or that you happened entirely by chance, a great truth is that most of life is how we perceive it.

Which is why programs/concepts like NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming, and hypnosis work so well (if you haven’t seen a hypnosis session, you MUST see one…it was the most mind-blowing experience I’ve ever seen!).

To illustrate this process, a couple of NLP master practitioners (the founders?) developed a mental model that they called the “Logical Levels.” The diagram shown below is an adaptation from a man named Eben Pagan, who runs a $20M+ a year business selling (quality) dating advice seminars for men. He illustrated the model the founders conceived below (namely with the outermost level, “Spirituality/Physics”).

(A quick note here: There’s a fundamental belief in NLP which states that “The Map Isn’t the Territory” – Please note that this is merely a way of looking at things—albeit a powerful way–and is no more than a particular lens for seeing things)Logical Levels

I’ve learned from them and then I learned from personal experience that these logical levels affect our lives, and they affect our lives dramatically.

Eben Pagan further says that if you change one of the outer levels, you automatically change the levels below it, whereas changing a logical level further down MIGHT change ones above it, but it might not.

So, if you only had ten minutes to work on changing your the outcome of your life forever, which logical level would you decide to work on?

Here’s a series of questions that you might want to consider (Source: Eben Pagan’s Mastery With Dating and Women…a source which also provides counsel to women in need of dating advice)

In your reality, do things go your way? How would you change the way you view reality if you could?

If you could change how you see yourself, how would you change it?

If you could install some beliefs in your mind, [about success in music publishing], what would they be?

Do you have a clear set of values in your life that you live by? Do you value yourself and accept no disrespect or wasting of your time? What do you need to make more important in your life, and what do you need to make less important?

Do you understand exactly how and why [people purchase and continue purchasing music and beats]? Do you know the step-by-step process of how a [music publisher and purchaser/company go from idea to fulfilled contract]? If there was one area that you should get a better education and understanding of, what would it be? “

If you invest the next ten minutes of the rest of your life focusing on these now, this WILL have a very, very high-leverage impact on your music publishing career.

I appreciate having you with me, and I look forward to seeing how this works for you!

Talk soon,

Your Friends from,

Jim and Aaron

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