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If we could research and figure out the answer to one question or one area, what would it be? What area of research and development would give you the most satisfaction, the most love and connection as well as growth and contribution to the world in how we actually contribute value?


Because this music-based blog covers three main things: music publishing, app developing, and sphere-making.

We want to focus on one.



Each of these subjects provide excellent insights into the possibility of what we can create:

  • If you want to monetize your music most effectively, then we’ll focus this blog on the best insights to music publishing you’ve ever seen—this will likely cover some music creation tips here and there, just for fun


  • If you want develop and market your own app, we’re certainly not experts yet, but we’ll keep you in the loop with our progress as we bring people who ARE experts on this site; we’ll give you exactly what you want in this area


  • If you want to make wickedly cool spheres made out of the rarest rocks, we’ll cover this awesome subject as well, too; Jim has a website called, and he does some pretty wicked business on that site—it’s somewhat popular


So let me know what you want to learn more of, and we’ll take things to the next level in whatever area we see the most demand.

Talk soon, friend!

Your Friend,

~ Aaron


P.S. If you’re into music publishing, here’s a post on making instrumentals that you can apply to crafting your music publishing deals as well.

If You Want to Make Instrumentals Great–Consider Bringing Color Into the Equation


(Photo Credit to darksage777!)


For more info on how to make instrumentals awesome, consider the link in this sentence.


If you want to experience the love associated with being able to identify essential components of a song (and thus being able to apply them when you make instrumentals of yours truly great), then consider what a friend of mine, Elijah, told me tonight. Also, later in this post, you’ll get to figure out exactly how to get this legendary trait that experienced musicians call “perfect pitch,” with me proving how you can do it in posts to follow.


He said that people with perfect pitch associate colors to a certain color. Like “A is red, A#/Bflat is a more red-orange, B is an orange, C is a orange-yellow, etc.”


To get a perfect pitch, we can associate colors, feelings, tastes, whatever–when people are able to “read” tones…it’s nothing more than easily accessible associations.


For the next ten days, while you make instrumentals, consider taking ten minutes a day to really think of a color to associate with certain pitches. That is, when you press the A key, think of the color “red” or “azure.” I advise the colors of the rainbow, the ROYGBIV sequence because it follows a logical order.


What if you could identify a pitch with the bat of an eyelash? How would it help your music career to identify the note in a drop of a hat? What if you could pull the notes from the song just by listening to it?


Look forward to hearing how your results with music improves after applying this strategy. You’ll make instrumentals of yours absolutely phenomenal.


Talk soon!

Your Friends from PlayGrind,

Jim and Aaron


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P.P.S. Here’s that link again for the other post on how to make instrumentals amazing…check it out!


P.P.S. Check this link for an awesome instrumental music free download!

How to Make Instrumentals–And All Content–Twice As Deep, Twice As Connectable (A Mountain-Moving Way to Make Instrumentals)

As we said in the other post on “How to Double the Amount of Time People Listen to You,” when you think of the things you’d never want to have happen to you or a loved one, you’ll have content that people will pay you money for.

Considering terrible, emotionally degrading thoughts while developing your music can create that certain feel to your music that people will love. When you make instrumentals along the lines you’ll see here, you’ll create a work that others will download and work with time and time and time again.


For example, Johnny Cash wrote the song “Hurt,” (not an instrumental…but still moving…the instruments themselves convey the emotion described in the lyrics and tonality of Mr. Cash).

In the song, he explains and magnifies what really matters in life…by illustrating the guilty and more apathetic components of life.

The cool thing is that he illustrates a deep love for humanity in the guilty, sorrowful tonality– noting that giving (when he says, “You can have it all—my own pile of dirt”) is the best thing we do, because the people we’ve hurt deserve it (and they deserve so muc h more than we can ever give them…the love runs deep in this song).

And he illustrates his love through feelings of hurt from what others of done, hurt for loss of those he’s loved, hurt in his forlorness in that life is gone sooner or later, and hurt in that he’s become someone he hasn’t wanted to become…someone who’s hurt.

By showing the things we don’t want to have happen to us, we simultaneously represent the existence of the better side of things in its contrast, which is part of what makes songs (and what will make instrumentals you right) so very beautiful.

I, personally, love it in every way possible for a person to love a song, songwriter, and performer.

Other people love this as well (Youtube shows 40+ million views as I write this) .

With your emotion, your thinking on the opposite realm from happy and all-things-good, people will embrace and connect very deeply with your music.

(A funny story here. I heard the Nine Inch Nails version first, so when I heard the Johnny Cash original in a trailer for a video game called Prototype 2, I thought some guy had ripped off Trent Reznor’s amazing song…lol! How off I was!)

The video works so well with it as well…which is what you want your song to be able to do with ads/movies/etc. for big-time deals, in certain cases.


Try to keep those sad, infuriating, hope-extinguishing thoughts in the front of your mind while writing and performing these instrumentals. It’s good to have a little darkness in your work.


If you keep these thoughts in mind while working your work, creating this piece, this art you want to give the world, people will feel you at the deepest level possible.

Let me ask you this. What if you could connect with people at the deepest levels of their existence, their humanity? What would it do for your career? What would it do for your soul, your level of being when you paint such moving feelings and images–when you make instrumentals that sweep the feet of others in a very dramatic way?

By doing what’s described above, your audience (and those outside of your audience, probably) will connect with you and appreciate your work so much.

We all look forward to hearing your work, friend.

Talk soon!

From Your Friends from PlayGrind and Sindustry Beats,

Jim & Aaron

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P.P.S. Another post that might interest you on how to make instruments of yours great.

He’s Writing a Book! And It’s Going to Be GREAT — (OK–Ego Aside Now–It’s Still Something You’ll Want to Read)

If you want something that you can read and really move the world with your love, then you’ll want to read this.

If you want something to spend a fortune printing out to then burn gloriously in your fireplace for a few moments, then you’ll want to read this.

Jim Meeker has been talking to me about writing an e-book, which I want him to title, How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Music Publishing: How to Go from $0 to $62K/Year in Music Publishing with No Work.

It may be a marketing technique when we say, “No Work” in the title. But in here, “No Work” is absolutely true. Once you reach the point that we do in our careers, whether with publishing music, copy, or academic writing, it really becomes a thing of play—never of “work.”

Life is simply fun with this.

Well, if you want to learn more about this, stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post on the up-and-coming eBook (e-mail newsletter with valuable content coming soon!).

If you read this next blog post, angels will cry because of how happy they are for you. It’s really fun talking with you, and I know you’ll enjoy this awesome piece of happiness we’ll display for you tomorrow.

Talk soon!

Your Friends from,

Aaron (representing Jim Meeker)

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What Is Life? (Hint: It’s How You Perceive It) OR How to Get the Most Bang for Your…Ten Minutes

Before I begin, let’s figure out what it takes to get into the publishing business.

As with any profession (or any area of life, actually), the mind must first be controlled before you can really get into this profession. Because, sure, you might be an excellent musician, or an excellent songwriter, but until you get your inner workings together, you’ll never have what it really takes to “Get to the Top.”

Now, let’s examine one of the most powerful tools that may shape your music publishing career, and your life, forever!

Let’s make some change happen.


Not intending to stir a controversial subject here; just probing your mind a bit to get you thinking. Whether we want to admit it or not, and whether you believe that a great deity created you or that you happened entirely by chance, a great truth is that most of life is how we perceive it.

Which is why programs/concepts like NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming, and hypnosis work so well (if you haven’t seen a hypnosis session, you MUST see one…it was the most mind-blowing experience I’ve ever seen!).

To illustrate this process, a couple of NLP master practitioners (the founders?) developed a mental model that they called the “Logical Levels.” The diagram shown below is an adaptation from a man named Eben Pagan, who runs a $20M+ a year business selling (quality) dating advice seminars for men. He illustrated the model the founders conceived below (namely with the outermost level, “Spirituality/Physics”).

(A quick note here: There’s a fundamental belief in NLP which states that “The Map Isn’t the Territory” – Please note that this is merely a way of looking at things—albeit a powerful way–and is no more than a particular lens for seeing things)Logical Levels

I’ve learned from them and then I learned from personal experience that these logical levels affect our lives, and they affect our lives dramatically.

Eben Pagan further says that if you change one of the outer levels, you automatically change the levels below it, whereas changing a logical level further down MIGHT change ones above it, but it might not.

So, if you only had ten minutes to work on changing your the outcome of your life forever, which logical level would you decide to work on?

Here’s a series of questions that you might want to consider (Source: Eben Pagan’s Mastery With Dating and Women…a source which also provides counsel to women in need of dating advice)

In your reality, do things go your way? How would you change the way you view reality if you could?

If you could change how you see yourself, how would you change it?

If you could install some beliefs in your mind, [about success in music publishing], what would they be?

Do you have a clear set of values in your life that you live by? Do you value yourself and accept no disrespect or wasting of your time? What do you need to make more important in your life, and what do you need to make less important?

Do you understand exactly how and why [people purchase and continue purchasing music and beats]? Do you know the step-by-step process of how a [music publisher and purchaser/company go from idea to fulfilled contract]? If there was one area that you should get a better education and understanding of, what would it be? “

If you invest the next ten minutes of the rest of your life focusing on these now, this WILL have a very, very high-leverage impact on your music publishing career.

I appreciate having you with me, and I look forward to seeing how this works for you!

Talk soon,

Your Friends from,

Jim and Aaron

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How to Regain Your Greatest Asset of All Time in Three Minutes

This is the first post in a multiple post series on The Inner Game of Your Music Career – Your Mental Gearbox: Filters.

We talked earlier in the previous post about why you must recognize the importance of filters in your life…about how it can make the difference between life and death for a soldier in Vietnam, and it can mean the difference between life and death for your beats publishing career as well (or any publishing career for that matter).

To start this, I’d like you to consider a very important quotation from a man who practically invented business as we know it today. His name is Peter Drucker, and here’s what he has to say about questions:

“Blah blah blah. The real disaster is when a company asks the wrong question.” ~ Peter Drucker

Questions are our 100% reliable loyal servants. They are the way to search the search engine of your brain. “Your mind is Google for goals,” says Internet business pioneer, Eben Pagan, who nets $20M+/year in information products.

So, I must ask you, what are you asking yourself on a regular basis?

In here, I’m going to give you a system of questions that can ultimately change the quality of your life. I’d like to give you a series of questions that can revolutionize your life. I stand on the shoulders of giants when I give you these, because I was given what will now be given to you.

Here are a set of questions from a man named Tony Robbins. He calls these the Morning Power Questions. You’ve probably even heard these or read them in his book, Awaken the Giant Within. Maybe you haven’t gotten this down yet, so here it goes. Ask yourself these questions in the morning every morning from now on (Tony Robbins suggests to do so for the next ten days):


What am I happy about in my life now? What about that makes me happy? How does that make me feel?

What am I excited about in my life now? What about that makes me excited? How does that make me feel?

What am I proud about in my life now? What about that makes me proud? How does that make me feel?

What am I grateful for in my life now? What about that makes me grateful? How does that make me feel?

What am I enjoying in my life now? What about that makes me enjoyable? How does that make me feel?

What am I committed to in my life now? What about that makes me committed? How does that make me feel?

Who do I love? Who loves me? How does that make me a loving person?


These questions have changed my life. They’ve changed my life because we are SO influencable, so malleable in the morning because of our calm, waking state—nothing else is on your mind.

If you show up in the morning with only the results that these questions provide (for example, “Feel Hopeless” doesn’t show up in any of these questions, when asked with sincerity), you’re going to have a great day! You filter your life in terms of these filters, and you can make life the way you want it by using these emotions.

If you took this to your life for the next ten days, you’ll get nothing but positive gains. It will give you the states you need to further your career. I can’t give you the absolute surety on exactly what you’ll get, but it definitely gives more to each person.

I can’t say, “This will give you $10,000 in the next ten days,” but it certainly could, because I know you’re a more powerful, more creative person, when you’re under the power of these emotions.

When you take the ten-day challenge while doing what you normally do, while you do what you do best in life (likely, something with music), here’s what will happen:


You’ll possess a greater sense of creativity,

You’ll gain a greater level of energy because of your focus, and

You’ll master the ability to influence others because of the energy you convey when experiencing (and eventually being with) these emotions


There’s so much here! Take this small thought for example.

Let’s take any worker from, say, the customer service section of a modern company that sells synthesizers (you know, because it’s music). Now, I’m going to ask you to do something that’ll show you what the difference is for yourself.

Take this same worker, and you put him in two situations where in one he doesn’t have these emotions or he didn’t ask these questions. With this, now put him in one where he does have these emotions and he asked these questions.

See the difference?

What you’re actually picturing is a person who can represent you (on a BIGGER scale, for whatever goal you set yourself on).

When you do this, now, you change the context of your life because of these filters. And when you change your filters, you change your life.

Look forward to seeing how you enjoy this exercise, this system for your daily thinking! We also look forward to seeing how you grow and love life as an incredible person. We’ve enjoyed our session here together.

Talk soon!

Your Friends from,

Jim & Aaron

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(P.P.S. Have an idea to follow this? Look forward to hearing your comments below, and we’ll continue the conversation!)

Why You Might Be Giving Up The Greatest Assets of All Time

[Note: Some Graphic Content]

A sixty-something-year-old man told me how a VC pinned down his squadron.

I had asked earlier if he was hunted (was selling vitamins at the time), and I made a shooting motion with my hands to indicate the recoil of a deer rifle. I saw his expression change immediately he continued to relay to me calmly and and nonchalantly, “Yeah I hunt.

“Oh, you want to hear something interesting?” he smiled a half-smile in a friendly, open way, “I was in Vietnam about fifty years ago, and I had gotten a call from my spotter via his giant-ass radio that a Vietcong had pinned down fellow friendlies about two clicks up…that’s X yards.

Well, moving forward toward where we perceived the squadron was pinned down, we stayed about 600 feet away from their location in order to locate the enemy friendly.

Well, my spotter/radio guy had seen something in the tree, almost by accident, but he pointed me and I looked and all you could see was this part-section of his right face. He had camoflauged himself entirely from every other point forward.

I proceeded to pull my gun and propped it on a nasty, rotting log before me, and I looked into my scope knowing full well what was going to happen next.

I was proud of that shot. 600 hundred yards we found it was. I had pointed that gun at him and landed a bullet in his left eye…that’s the right eye to us.

The guy was strapped to a tree, and brain was on the tree had strapped himself into, not to mention the blood dripping down from one branch to the next. I felt no emotion from that except the happiness that our friends were safe.”

The concept, “Filtering,” is one of the most important fundamentals we must handle. If not consciously recognized and used, there’s a large chance we’ll end up filtering the things that will end up killing us: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially…physically.

Take special note of this distinctions.

Filtering effectively can give you the tremendous feeling of all the love the world has to offer; filtering ineffectively can mean being the loneliest man in the world.

Filtering effectively can mean having the best sex life you’ve ever had; filtering ineffectively can mean having absolutely zero sex-life.

Filtering effectively can mean all the wealth you could ever dream of; filtering ineffectively can mean living on the edge of death in the disease of poverty.

Filtering effectively can mean life; filtering ineffectively can mean death (take the simple case of a soldier in Vietnam looking for a sniper; or the motorcyclist jumping the 21 cars…who requires absolute focus on the correct speed + the absolute vision that he’ll land the jump).

Filters have been known since the days of Socrates, in the form of questions. A question sends a probe into our minds and gets us all the resources in our current reality, and brings them to our conscious focus. Later, it’d be discovered through literature and observation that emotions and specific words (which are vocal anchors to particular feelings) drastically change the resources we take note of and use.

If you find your self saying things like “Why do I always do this lousy action!” or “F&%# my life” or “What bad would they think of me if I did this,” you’re filtering in all the junks that comes into your life, Aka Filtering ineffectively.

Whereas if you find yourself focusing on things like, “Why am I so awesome,” or “I don’t know why, I’ve just always been a great student,” or “I’m f&%#ing awesome,” you’re going to get dramatically different results in the quality of the resources available at your command, Aka Filtering effectively.

If you really want to change the true quality of your life, you can follow this really simply process that I found through a couple men named Tony Robbins and Napoleon Hill. It goes like this…

Look forward to tomorrow’s blog post to find out exactly how to change the way you filter your life style!

We look forward to talking to you soon!

Your Friends from,

Jim Meeker (Creator of Atmospheres) and Aaron Bell (Partner)!

(P.S. Atmosphere is a GREAT tool to help you begin your journey to effective filtering…It sends waves to your brain to automatically put you in the emotion or state that will give you the result you want most effectively with modern technology…look forward to tomorrow’s post to learn more!)


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