Buy Beats Online — Where to Find Pop Beats for Sale

This is an extension to the blog post, Buy Beats Online: A Guide.

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If you’re looking to buy beats online, you need to know where to buy them from. A simple Google search can help, but below is a direct source of links you can use to shop for the beats you want.

I’ve decided to narrow down and build one post per genre at the moment, but I’ll create a general resource directory where you can buy beats online using the main directories as your guide.

So, yeah, I’ll update you frequently on the top ten beats availabe to go to get some killer beats.


Buy Beats Online: Pop Beats for Sale


I initially started out pulling up beats from every genre, but there are so many beats available that I decided to break it up into sections.

I’ll make one long post available soon where you can access ALL of the beat locations on ONE page.


  • “An obama bomba” [sic] by BHAV (Haha I love the song title)
  • “Doperockproductions” [sic] by doperockproductions

  • “If I Had My Way” by Illabeats
  • “BODEGA FREESTYLE” by D Cash(Bodega, btw, means either “A grocery store in a Spanish-speaking neighborhood” OR “wineshop or a wine cellar”)


So there’s the list for the Pop genre. I’ll update this every now and then, so keep updated.

If you’re in the market for beats, I think you’ll find this guide pretty useful. I personally enjoy updating my “database” of awesome music producers. It keeps things fresh.


Now, If you have better suggestions on where to buy beats online OR you have some beats of your own that you want to share, comment below!


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