Where Do We Go To Learn More About The Best Software on the Market Today?

Good to know where to learn about the best software, because when you access the right websites,  you’ll always stay up to date and never miss out on potentially critical updates on the software you employ in your work.


To learn most about the best software available, visit propellerhead.se and Youtube.com/reasonmastaa. These two sources will give you the best information on music software available today (PropellerHead really gives a super unbiased (and substantive!) description on various elements and principles incorporated in the music software! I think that they make such great software BECAUSE of how deeply they write about their software.)

Other resources include Fruity Loops’s YouTube channel. Ableton’s IN-SOFTWARE tutorial (which I appreciate and find bad-ass).


NeuroPlasticize: Research at ten different aspects of the software… especially from the software developer’s website and experts with their own YouTube channels.


About the Latest App: Pull out your iPhone right now, unlock the screen, go to the App Store, Search “Atmospheres,” then click “Buy Now” to get Jim’s amazing app, Atmospheres… available now!

Or you can act like a cheap bastard and buy the free version… lol :)

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Why Thor Is the Best Piano Module For Your Synth Toolbox

Thor has always been my favorite “piano module” to apply to any music I create ever since I started using computer software to create the music I want.


What it does is it affects everything about a soundwave. It also helps you affect soundwaves with the most user-friendly interface I’ve ever seen. Thor has every method of transforming a wave with basic tools that actually create the wave, including three different oscillators such as FM, analog, and wavetable oscillators. Each of these oscillators (and tools otherwise unmentioned) have a purpose explained in the initial Thor tutorial given by “Reasonmastaa.”


To apply Thor to suit your piano module based needs, simply download and install Reason (if you haven’t already), then click Edit => Create Instrument => Thor Polysonic Synthesizer. From there, click “Show Programmer,” then just mess with it as much as you’d like.


This will create maximize everything you could ever want for every situation you could ever think of. Let’s make it work.



For more information on modular synths. For more info on creating and mastering music in general, go to Propellerhead’s Substance section for more information about all things reason and music production–it is really the highest quality source of information I’ve seen on music product to date.