How Many Songs Have You Written?

I encountered this awesome article on songwriting. Probably could’ve gone well with the earlier post on making instrumentals.

Here’s the part I liked:

“A song usually has three short melodies, two of which are repeated several times…

Chorus: The chorus is a lyrics-music combination that is repeated with little or no change throughout the song…

Verse: The verse has the second melody of the song… The verse’s lyrics are actually what usually change; as the verses usually give details about the song’s topic…

Bridge: The third melody and the one that -in most song structures- appears only once. It is better if the listener gets a small surprise in the bridge… The bridge’s lyrics they usually represent a conclusion or a flash back to the whole song, this adds to the surprise. Sometimes, -especially in Rock- the bridge is just an instrumental solo with no lyrics.”

How to Get Started with Songwriting – P1

This actually became incredibly useful for me. Along with his notes on “agreed-on song structures,” I’ve started compiling my song ideas into this structure. And, for me, my music is like a liquid… I need to pour it into a container for others to drink.

Let me know how this goes for you!

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