Drop the Hammer on Modern Digital Music Distribution: Oral Contracts

If you want to really protect you and yourself from illegal digital music distribution sources, then you’ll like this post. I’m no lawyer, and thus your attorney’s your friend in this situation. Read below for law-based goodies, though.


Whenever you and another agree on a certain point such as a point that involves an exchange of resources or a performance of some sort, the law binds you to that contract… even if you only spoke the agreement (the term, “If it isn’t written down, it doesn’t exist” can help you permanent your contract, but doesn’t play well in terms of the law).

(The parties involved might only bring vague details to the court in terms of provable oral agreements; at that point, the court will enact the best known agreement). With that in mind, conditions exist to help you terminate an unfavorable contract, should you so choose:

General methods of Rescinding an Unfavorable Contract (I checked these methods as of 6:58 PM against the Law In Business Textbook (8th Edition), and these obvious methods of cancelling a contract prove valid, to my knowledge).


P.S. The law will bind you to what you say, and I know I said that the court will enforce an oral contract, but protect yourself a written contract, when the contract clearly tilts in your faovr. Get a written down contract (or record your conversation) with exactly what you (and maybe the other) want, to avoid ambiguity and misrepresentation of facts and agreements.

P.P.S. Humans (our forefathers) created civilization to help us–despite popular opinion,


If you remember these little bits of legal information, you can prevent shark music publishers from eating your media (music or otherwise) alive with random agreements. You’ll know to step back for a moment before agreeing to anything, written, spoken, or otherwise.


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Trent Reznor Forgives

At one point, Trent Reznor spoke out against the record labels and publishing companies. He did so specifically because of his inability to control the pricing on his music.

Now, Trent Reznor has chosen to release his latest work through Columbia Records.


Hypebot quotes Reznor:

“Regarding our decision to sign with Columbia, we’ve really spent a long time thinking about things and it makes sense for a lot of reasons, including a chance to work with our old friend Mark Williams,” Reznor wrote. “There’s a much more granular and rambling answer I could give (and likely will in an interview someplace) but it really comes down to us experimenting and trying new things to see what best serves our needs. Complete independent releasing has its great points but also comes with shortcomings.” (Trent Reznor via HypeBot)

Trent Reznor & David Byrne On DIY vs Major Labels


It’s interesting to see how musicians evolve over the years.


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How to Speak Thor: 16 Terms You Must Know About This Modular Synth

(Thanks, Hjistory for the image)

To speak Thor with a fellow friend and generate music at a faster rate, consider these ten terms for your erudition.

The Terms:

  1. Modular Synth (i.e. Thor – en pluribus unum) Synthesizer that plugs in as a piece of the whole sound system set up
  2. Oscillator – The device used to generate the signal–technically your guitar is an oscillator
  3. Crossfaders – A device that allows the DJ to be super cool and change presets of modular synths to accompany his demands of style from the entire soundboard.
  4. Waveform – Determines the “shape” of the music – the sound you hear is entirely based on this and the filters created
  5. Delay –  The stupid factor; this is the time between striking and perceiving the note…
  6. Attack – The spazzity, intensity, psychopathic nature of of the note; one might classify this as abruptness of the note… how soon, intense, a note “hits you”
  7. Velocity – volume based on how fast the key is pressed (based off of the observation that a piano string when fastly hit will play louder than a piano string hit slowly) 
  8. Decay – How much sound actually plays in the note?
  9. Trigger – Anything X that you can set to effect Y (example, if you set your oven to 350 degrees, your computer will play the note “G”)
  10. Mastering – Polishing your sound(s) for the end-user; giving your music the extra buff… this is what makes your music sexy
  11. Normalization – Making your music not as fucking loud
  12. Amplitude (Obvious, I know) –  The maximum extent of a vibration or oscillation, measured from the position of equilibrium.
  13. Redrum – A drum machine that slaves itself to the superiority of Thor
  14. Subtractive Synthesis –  The process of creating a new sound by filtering and shaping a raw, harmonically complex waveform
  15. RPG-8 – A “Monophonic Arpeggiator” which has nothing to do with Thor, it’s just cool if you want to consider adding cool arpeggios to your Thor-based song
  16. Arpeggios – Melodies created from chords


To push these ideas further into your mind, consider one of three approaches:


  1. Write a story about how the modular synth attacked the master(ing) and caused a delay in the release of the note which would have gone at an intense velocity. This absurd provocation triggered a man to trigger an RPG at his Redrum machine because even in the midst of everything, he knew that Oscillating between Thor and this crappy software would only cause his waveforms to dissipate into nothingness… Too bad, though, that he didn’t know about the Crossfaders… which could have allowed him to incorporate both.
  2. LINC these words of wisdom to yo’ mind.
  3. Study Genius Code by Paul Scheele, ask yourself excellent questions, and then rock your own world when you discover how much you know.

If you apply these strategies to learning this content, you will do some amazing things with your life (and Thor).


How Do You Value Your Content?

Remember the classic movie, School of Rock? The one where Jack Black impersonates his friend and inspires the class to form a band that grows to a unit of considerable skill…to win that $50K check from winning the Battle of the Bands competition.

How would that sound without music?


Now, consider any action movie you’ve. My (least) favorite movie comes to mind: Dead or Alive.

How would that incredibly cheesy movie sound without music?


Many people, including myself, are fans of “I’m on a Boat,” “Like a Boss,” and any skit with Justin Timberlake.

How would Saturday Night Live sound without music?


There’s a lot of value what you create. Give it the value it deserves.


Talk soon!

Your Friend,

~ Aaron


P.S. Want to create even more value? Learn to make instrumentals awesome!

How to Stop Yourself from Screwing Up… Again

“Failure is nature’s plan to prepare you for great responsibilities” (Napoleon Hill).

“Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. You don’t fail overnight. Instead, failure is a few errors in judgement, repeated every day” (Jim Rohn, 7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness).

“There are no failures – just experiences and your reactions to them” (Tom Krause).


90% of succeeding life is productive failing… the other 10% lies in getting that “big success” when your psyche needs it most.

So here’s a good suggestion you might use to recoup all the loving and important memories you have of yourself. With this, you can keep the great details about you in check and in focus—even when your darkest hour comes.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, says that it’s usually when people face their greatest failure that they create their greatest success, so here’s a post you’ll enjoy as you go by your “greatest failure.”


Many people have provided many tools to deal with the “negatives” in life. These tools aid with dark moments such as loss, “failure,” letting someone down…

There’s one from NLP that you’ll be incredibly fond of, I’m sure. It’s called “Program Yourself for Maximum Learning.”

NLP’s a powerful tool that allows one to work directly with the subconscious of others and ourselves. Master NLP practitioners such as Paul Scheele of Learning Strategies Corporation and Ross Jeffries (who infamously uses NLP to seduce women, too) both suggest using this process to every f***-up–and every success–you create.

I do this process daily. It makes the world a much more peaceful and happy place to live in, because you get that sense of growth and purpose of yours recharged.

You’ll like it, and this process takes, at most,  twenty minutes. Use it for a daily session or use it for “emergency touchups” on a particularly bad situation.


How to Program Yourself for Maximum Learning–It’s Easy:

  1. Replay the situation or day before you—keep the event happening before you, just “over there.”

    If you’re doing this as a daily practice, then imagine the whole day going before you

  2. Now, once you’ve run all through your day, go back and run the event or day before you one more time

    This time, congratulate yourself on the successes you’ve earned in this event (or over the last twenty-four hours)

  3. In the second run, we congratulated ourselves on our successOnce you’re done running the day before you for the second time, run the event or day before you once again for this session

    In this run-through, you might find situations where you really feel that you could have done better

    Running through your event or day now, for every time that you really feel that you could have done better, just go into the situation and replay as you would like to do now.

    Just go into the situation, and replay it going perfectly in your mind

    Keep doing this until you reach the end of event or day for this session

    Once this day is up, you can wake up feeling relaxed, alert, and totally energized! You are a success!

Paul Scheele recommends you do this every day. An alternative might be once a week or even a month. Whatever suits you.


Do this exercise, watch your skills increase. Do this exercise, watch your feelings of love and contribution increase. Do this exercise, watch how people look up to you more.

It’s an excellent exercise, and may help you take yourself to the next level.
Talk soon!

Your Most Amazing Friend,

~ Aaron


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P.P.S. Here’s the first in a series of posts on how to make instrumentals of yours amazing.

We’re Changing Things at PlayGrind: A Lesson from Warren Buffett!

You. You’re coming here for a specific reason. I’d bet big money that you’re coming here for one of six reasons. You’re coming here to:

  • Be more certain about the world (maybe you need money and a new way of  making it)
  • Be entertained (maybe you like the humor or style of writing)
  • Be important…(this is a site that’s somewhat exclusive to the public)
  • Connect and be loved via this site (there’s a person writing this content; in that way, we’re connecting)
  • Grow (“We’re either growing or dying” ~ Tony Robbins)
  • Contribute (Maybe you saw my post and wanted to give me your readership?)


Well, an idea inspired by Warren Buffett struck me recently. To put this post in focus and in perspective, here’s a lesson from Warren Buffett:
“[Lesson] 11.You don’t need to be able to do that many things right to succeed. In fact, success is inversely proportional to how many things you try to do. Do a few things really well. Focus on that. Hire others to do the rest or don’t do it at all. The most successful businesses and people have a much longer list of what they aren’t willing to do, than what they actually spend time on. Warren is notorious for how many things he’s says no to. Stay within your circle of competence. When in doubt, do less” (Scott)

This means that we can help you obtain more of the six reasons you’re searching for by cutting out more.


Observe the quality content that comes in from now on, and you’ll observe the gravity within this quote.


You’ll like the results. I guarantee it.

You’ll get more focus, more love, more quality on the ideas you desire. Take note of this, and we look forward to seeing you on the other side, the other PlayGrind.


Talk soon!

~ Aaron (Representative of Jim Meeker for PlayGrind.com)

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Everyone Hates to Watch You Succeed…And How to Do It (i.e. How to REALLY Get Back At Someone)

(Thanks, Drayok!)

Note: This post will benefit you greatly in ALL aspects of life…especially music publishing.

If you’ve ever wanted to get back at someone, the best way has always been to achieve more than ever thought possible…It feels awesome, and I know you will, have or currently are trying it on for size at the moment. Now, without further ado…zeh post is here.

This post will benefit you in all aspects of life. Because with you (as with everyone and myself) every single time you work this principle less than you must (including not at all or worse, applied in the wrong direction: the destruction of others), it will punish you severely in terms of love lost, loss of physical connection (sex), loss of money and material security (much less material abundance) and loss of your self-expression.

Yet it always rewards you immensely every time you use it!

Because with you (as everyone else, including me), every single time you work this principle, you’ll gain more love, which means you can give others the love that they crave—which, funny enough, gives you even MORE love. You’ll get this, because who doesn’t love it when their partner or potential partner bakes them cookies?

With this principle, you’ll gain physical connection, both in loving and sexual touch. You’ll get this, because who doesn’t like it when the other person works hard to interact with them in just the right balance of push-pull…in teasing and funny behaviors combined with its counterpart, love and connection…


Shouldn’t have eaten those cookies…


…The two forces, factors, create a potent combination that keeps the relationship just unpredictable enough to keep it spontaneous while keeping an awesome and deep, emotional connection with the other person. This balance you work hard to attain let’s you gain physical touch both of you desire in addition\to the love mentioned before. You get this because of your dedication to observing the needs of the other person (i.e. a push or a pull).

With this principle, you will gain material abundance (which, of course, means materials security)! And more so (you’ll really enjoy this one), you’ll see opportunities to express yourself more and more (which the material abundance helps you achieve). You’ll get these opportunities to express yourself more and more because of your intense enthusiasm and diligence in the work you do that brings value to others.


Even strippers goes the extra mile.


These are all specific examples covered by one thing: “Going the Extra Mile”

  • Napoleon Hill calls it this in “The Master-Key to Riches.”
  • Tony Robbins calls it “Outstanding,” which is above good—or even excellent.
  • Psychologists might call it the path to abundant reciprocation, which society (and our DNA, possibly) deems mandatory for what we do.
  • Religions call it karma, Dao (“The Way”), or “God watching out for us.”

No matter what you call it, going the extra mile is a very powerful concept that works ALL THE TIME. If you don’t use it, the loss on what you could achieve is ginormous.

You’ll just get average results when juxtaposed with those who do follow it (i.e. Bill Gates & Steve Jobs)…Which means that this is something you want to apply…now!
Now, how do you apply this?

You can do many things, like:

  • Put your extra time, energy, creative spin, and/or value-adding ideas into effect at/with your work,
  • Read book (4-Hour Workweek) on time management
  • Read a journal in your field during your spare time,
  • Read a book every day in your spare time
  • Attending seminars or listening to recorded ones…and actually apply what they say to do
  • Generally & specifically increase what you can do every day—increase your skills–and then go implement the skills you’ve learned

Your rewards will be tremendous, friend!

When you do valuable things, people will love you.

When you go the extra mile and sing “Free Bird” (and you have fun doing it!) on the karaoke machine—when no one else wants to–you’ll inspire other people to both conquer their fears…and have a good time doing it! And they’ll love you for it!

When you go out and file that extra paper, design that building just a little more ergonomically for the end-user AND the builders, or craft even more value-adding content (or cut value-detracting content) into the articles you submit every day…the results will astound you.

Life enjoys compound interest (and compound interest on compound interest), and Life will reciprocate many times to you the value you give! Life help you. Your love will “level up,” your physical connections (sexual relationships) will level up, your monetary and material gain will level up, your self-expression factors will level up, your freedom from fear, anger, apathy will level up, and more.

And this website applies to the reason you may have came here for: music publishing.

As the soon-to-be big-hit music publisher you are, more now than ever (because of technology available), if you put yourself into crafting your lyrics, making your instrumentals better, or, most importantly, tuning and developing your skill with your instrument of choice, you’ll notice something magical happen.

Things will happen and people will love you for it.

Oh, Another note to add really quickly: This principle applies to negative things as well; if you go the extra mile in destroying someone’s life, Life will punish you accordingly many times over…Again, Life is a fan of compound interest (on compound interest). Life has debt as well as investments, friend. Get back at your enemies by succeeding.


Buy Atmospheres!


Talk soon!

Your Friends from PlayGrind,

Jim & Aaron


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(Just send a screenshot with you in the app…preferably doing something cool or modeling with it)

Talk soon (again)!

Your Friends from PlayGrind,

~ Jim & Aaron

Instrumental Music Free Download – Jim’s Song “So High So Low” Available for Download


If you’re interested in a heartfelt music download to share with those you love, whether in a work or just for something cool to listen, Jim has a instrumental music free download available for you.


It’s a song that gives an insight into the a person trying to make the best of life, a person trying to make the best of life while the emotional distress fueled from the world attempts to pull him in.

“So High So Low” seems to follow the story of the guy who’s seen some shit and who then sees another disturbing incidence that throws him over the edge momentarily before getting back on track.

The word “Bipolor” in the parenthesis conveys the emotion of this song quite brilliantly in this instrumental music free download.


Jim did this through a juxtaposition of harmonious, more “complete,” minor-key phrases and its counterpart: the distorted, more “disturbed and torn apart” majors-key phrases.


You’ll experience a new appreciation for instrumentals when you hear this song. It’s one of his cooler songs, and he’s release it for free (I love it).

Again, here’s the instrumental music free download.


Talk soon!

From Your Friends at PlayGrind.com,

Jim and Aaron

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Interesting Insights on How to Make Instrumentals from a Video Producer

And, of course, how to make instrumentals from a music publisher.

If you want to make really quality beats that people will love and flock to, then maybe consider an e-mail conversation I had with David Jenyns, an Internet Entrepreneur who specializes in video.

How a Conversation with a Video Producer

Transformed How I Make Instrumentals

I had asked him about his ratio of capture time to edit time. He said:

“..For capture to edit time… typically 3 hours per edited minute for more complex things.
And can be anything less depending on complexity.”

Based on this post, if you were to apply his rule to how you make your instrumentals, you’d spend about three hours for every minute of song you produce. And because this guy has some super-star videos, including his Melbourne Video Production site, it’s definitely worth checking out for when you make these instrumentals of yours rock.

Things you can do/incoporate within your song to make instrumentals of yours awesome:

  • Read literature about the theme of your song
  • Read literature about musicians that play music similar to the music you create
  • Listen to related music
  • Listening to the totally opposite realm of music
  • Study trends and apply cool new methodologies to your work
  • Study people who already make instrumentals and spend the three hours per minute doing what they do.


Time to Invest in Your Music

If you invest three hours looking for  inspiration and weave the inspiration you receive into your instrumentals, you’ll make your instrumental incredibly fascinating and wonderful to listen to.


Your Action Step: Observe your latest work and ask, “Have I really invested three hours into every 60-second part of this song? Have I applied the inspiration and musical patterns to really achieve the effect I aimed for?” Then go to the first minute of your song, and then set the timer for two hours, take a thirty minute break, then put it back on for another hour as you focus entirely on that first minute of your song. Then repeat this step for the other minutes of your song.


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7 Things you Need to Know with Music Publishing Companies

Read this post on music publishing companies for a good laugh and sense of compassion about what you do…then finish the article for a good reason to keep on reading.

We have a music publishing expert hosting this website.  I, the person you’re reading from, am/is still the wise, (mostly) objective spectator who needs to learn more about this subject (for the next month or so) but here’s my totally useful take on what you need to know about the music publishing companies of our day.


Thing #1 You Need to Know

About Music Publishing Companies


A lot of the music publishing companies you know of, or can easily find through Google, are more “rights holders” than publishers. BMI, ASCAP, SESAC gathers songwriters and performers together, who are the legitimate publishers, and then these “music publishing companies” then connect you, the publisher, to the customer, the actual user of the product.


Thing #2 You Need to Know

About Music Publishing Companies

The best advice I’ve read, it seems, is from a book titled The Plain and Simple Guide to Music Publishing. The advice Randall Wixen gives is advice that Tom Petty & Ray Monzarek agree with completely: Protect your publishing rights.

If someone gives you a deal that involves removing you from your ownership of your intellectual property, think very hard about the long-term consequences of this action, get lawyers in on your decision, and find people who are more experienced than you and confer with them to decide if this is what you really want.


Thing #3 You Need to Know

About Music Publishing Companies

Beyond keeping your basic rights as holder of copyrights, get knowledge on types of copyright, laws on copyright, and find a confidant who can represent you objectively with a more established skillset in the music business.


Thing #4 You Need to Know

About Music Publishing Companies

By working with certain music publishing companies like ASCAP (Jim’s preferred association) and BMI, you pretty much automatically interact with people you need to be around to gauge your competition…which in turn allows you to make due adjustments to your music to take your creative work to even the NEXT level.


Thing #5 You Need to Know

About Music Publishing Companies

If you show massive potential, they’ll throw your songs to a certain group of people who represent the ideal demographic for your song (the one I’m certain of is that they test for “cool” people between 18-25 with people who fit the stereotype for the song—ex: dark-dressed, stereotypical “emo” kids/teens/young adults would be asked to rate a song from 0 to 4, where 4 is “Extremely liked.”

The average number you receive fills in a long-researched formula that predicts (according to Malcolm Gladwell in his book, blink) with 85+% accuracy whether or not you make the Top 40 chart..


Thing #6 You Need to Know

About Music Publishing Companies

It’s a continual thing…it needs to be your passion and play for you to rise to the top…This one’s obvious.

If you can show me one example of music where there’s not some high level of emotion, good or bad, I will give the first person to show me the source-backed document/song/album/band that did so $20.


Thing #7 You Need to Know

About Music Publishing Companies

You can be one, too. Who you commonly associate with “music publishing companies” are not really music publishers…they just connect the REAL publisher with the end user–the advertiser, video game designer, or film director/producer, etc.. Then they get their profits by agreeing on total payments from the users and then simply paying you a royalty, a percentage of your sound recording.


No matter what, your passion will shine through, and you’ll end creating a lot of value for the world…assuming you follow the earlier Justing Bieber post.

For more information on this, you’ll receive a far more accurate review of the seven things you need to know about music publishing companies in the next post.

I’ll interview him and learn EVERYTHING about music publishing companies…everything!

No (awesome) stone will be left unturned.

If you take these “things,” these truths to heart, your chances of becoming a big-time music publisher will likely increase.

Talk soon!

From Your Friends at PlayGrind,

Aaron (Representing Jim Meeker)

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