Dark and Alone…Why You May Want to Use These Concepts to Your Advantage

The ideas you make from this post may make you millions–millions of dollars and loving and adoring fans that enjoy from all across the globe.

Fans (and non-fans for that matter) are hungry to be understood…they’re hungry for connection (as am I and maybe you, perhaps).

So let me ask you this. Is there something’s dark and known only to you? Something you’d never tell anyone else?

Chances are that someone else has a similar situation…And if you can make it available to the public somehow, you’ll connect with and emotionally transform certain group of people on a really deep level. You’ll be the person who understands them more than anything else.

Proof? 50 Shades of Grey and any song by Korn, NIN, or certain songs by Blink 182, even.

So maybe write a song like that and the instrumentals to accompany that style of song.

It’s your choice: Superficial and publically acceptable (a like everyone else trying to get success) – or – Deeply emotional and specifically connectable (and super successful).

The positive consequences far outweigh any fears you might have with this. Letting someone else know about that “demon” who paints darkness in soul could possibly make you millions.

Talk soon!

From Your Friends at PlayGrind,

Jim & Aaron

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