Drop the Hammer on Modern Digital Music Distribution: Oral Contracts

If you want to really protect you and yourself from illegal digital music distribution sources, then you’ll like this post. I’m no lawyer, and thus your attorney’s your friend in this situation. Read below for law-based goodies, though.


Whenever you and another agree on a certain point such as a point that involves an exchange of resources or a performance of some sort, the law binds you to that contract… even if you only spoke the agreement (the term, “If it isn’t written down, it doesn’t exist” can help you permanent your contract, but doesn’t play well in terms of the law).

(The parties involved might only bring vague details to the court in terms of provable oral agreements; at that point, the court will enact the best known agreement). With that in mind, conditions exist to help you terminate an unfavorable contract, should you so choose:

General methods of Rescinding an Unfavorable Contract (I checked these methods as of 6:58 PM against the Law In Business Textbook (8th Edition), and these obvious methods of cancelling a contract prove valid, to my knowledge).


P.S. The law will bind you to what you say, and I know I said that the court will enforce an oral contract, but protect yourself a written contract, when the contract clearly tilts in your faovr. Get a written down contract (or record your conversation) with exactly what you (and maybe the other) want, to avoid ambiguity and misrepresentation of facts and agreements.

P.P.S. Humans (our forefathers) created civilization to help us–despite popular opinion,


If you remember these little bits of legal information, you can prevent shark music publishers from eating your media (music or otherwise) alive with random agreements. You’ll know to step back for a moment before agreeing to anything, written, spoken, or otherwise.


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