Everyone Hates to Watch You Succeed…And How to Do It (i.e. How to REALLY Get Back At Someone)

(Thanks, Drayok!)

Note: This post will benefit you greatly in ALL aspects of life…especially music publishing.

If you’ve ever wanted to get back at someone, the best way has always been to achieve more than ever thought possible…It feels awesome, and I know you will, have or currently are trying it on for size at the moment. Now, without further ado…zeh post is here.

This post will benefit you in all aspects of life. Because with you (as with everyone and myself) every single time you work this principle less than you must (including not at all or worse, applied in the wrong direction: the destruction of others), it will punish you severely in terms of love lost, loss of physical connection (sex), loss of money and material security (much less material abundance) and loss of your self-expression.

Yet it always rewards you immensely every time you use it!

Because with you (as everyone else, including me), every single time you work this principle, you’ll gain more love, which means you can give others the love that they crave—which, funny enough, gives you even MORE love. You’ll get this, because who doesn’t love it when their partner or potential partner bakes them cookies?

With this principle, you’ll gain physical connection, both in loving and sexual touch. You’ll get this, because who doesn’t like it when the other person works hard to interact with them in just the right balance of push-pull…in teasing and funny behaviors combined with its counterpart, love and connection…


Shouldn’t have eaten those cookies…


…The two forces, factors, create a potent combination that keeps the relationship just unpredictable enough to keep it spontaneous while keeping an awesome and deep, emotional connection with the other person. This balance you work hard to attain let’s you gain physical touch both of you desire in addition\to the love mentioned before. You get this because of your dedication to observing the needs of the other person (i.e. a push or a pull).

With this principle, you will gain material abundance (which, of course, means materials security)! And more so (you’ll really enjoy this one), you’ll see opportunities to express yourself more and more (which the material abundance helps you achieve). You’ll get these opportunities to express yourself more and more because of your intense enthusiasm and diligence in the work you do that brings value to others.


Even strippers goes the extra mile.


These are all specific examples covered by one thing: “Going the Extra Mile”

  • Napoleon Hill calls it this in “The Master-Key to Riches.”
  • Tony Robbins calls it “Outstanding,” which is above good—or even excellent.
  • Psychologists might call it the path to abundant reciprocation, which society (and our DNA, possibly) deems mandatory for what we do.
  • Religions call it karma, Dao (“The Way”), or “God watching out for us.”

No matter what you call it, going the extra mile is a very powerful concept that works ALL THE TIME. If you don’t use it, the loss on what you could achieve is ginormous.

You’ll just get average results when juxtaposed with those who do follow it (i.e. Bill Gates & Steve Jobs)…Which means that this is something you want to apply…now!
Now, how do you apply this?

You can do many things, like:

  • Put your extra time, energy, creative spin, and/or value-adding ideas into effect at/with your work,
  • Read book (4-Hour Workweek) on time management
  • Read a journal in your field during your spare time,
  • Read a book every day in your spare time
  • Attending seminars or listening to recorded ones…and actually apply what they say to do
  • Generally & specifically increase what you can do every day—increase your skills–and then go implement the skills you’ve learned

Your rewards will be tremendous, friend!

When you do valuable things, people will love you.

When you go the extra mile and sing “Free Bird” (and you have fun doing it!) on the karaoke machine—when no one else wants to–you’ll inspire other people to both conquer their fears…and have a good time doing it! And they’ll love you for it!

When you go out and file that extra paper, design that building just a little more ergonomically for the end-user AND the builders, or craft even more value-adding content (or cut value-detracting content) into the articles you submit every day…the results will astound you.

Life enjoys compound interest (and compound interest on compound interest), and Life will reciprocate many times to you the value you give! Life help you. Your love will “level up,” your physical connections (sexual relationships) will level up, your monetary and material gain will level up, your self-expression factors will level up, your freedom from fear, anger, apathy will level up, and more.

And this website applies to the reason you may have came here for: music publishing.

As the soon-to-be big-hit music publisher you are, more now than ever (because of technology available), if you put yourself into crafting your lyrics, making your instrumentals better, or, most importantly, tuning and developing your skill with your instrument of choice, you’ll notice something magical happen.

Things will happen and people will love you for it.

Oh, Another note to add really quickly: This principle applies to negative things as well; if you go the extra mile in destroying someone’s life, Life will punish you accordingly many times over…Again, Life is a fan of compound interest (on compound interest). Life has debt as well as investments, friend. Get back at your enemies by succeeding.


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Talk soon!

Your Friends from PlayGrind,

Jim & Aaron


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Talk soon (again)!

Your Friends from PlayGrind,

~ Jim & Aaron

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