Five Ways to Make Instrumentals of Yours Clean and Creative


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To make instrumentals of yours the best they possibly be is art in its highest form. So, consider the research performed at PlayGrind to make the best music, the best music that will receive you the most love available for your work, in both human and money form.


Below is the five step process to follow that’ll make instrumentals of yours a reality, a reality refined:

  1. Define Your Purpose – Why are your writing this music?
  2. See Your Outcome – Different from purpose; here you conceive the structure to which instruments will conform
  3. Prepare – Buy equipment after conceiving your first song or what you want to create, because you’re buying the equipment mainly to conform with the material that you create (which can save you money)
  4. Freewrite – Have fun—You have many resources at your disposal… Use them and make your 168M+ View/Listen soundpiece; this is where you let your creative genius flow and play; this is what creates the “diamond in the rough”
  5. Eliminate – Bruce Lee said that the highest form of mastery is not addition, but eliminating things that do not contribute to our purpose; here is where we put everything we have into it and grit our teeth and remove everything that doesn’t make the song as cool as possible; the goal here is to cut 50% of the “stuff” and DOUBLE the impact of the piece while we do it.


Alright. We’ve covered what we’re going into. Now, let’s delve a bit further into how to apply this process to YOUR work.

To do this:

  1. Define Your Purpose: Why are you writing this song? Why do you want to make instrumentals? Who are you making this for?Answer this and the rest is easy.
  2. See Your Outcome: Construct your song’s framework.Put these words in order (or find words of your own) and build around them:Hook/Intro/Lead-in/Open the Loop
    End/Completion/Close the LoopLife has provided for you a million cool different “phrases,” but unless you say “No” to the ones that don’t work, and you combine the ones that do in the right order, it’s rare that you’ll get the effect you want
  3. Prepare – Buy your equipment and download the software you want;To give you an idea of what you can use, here’s an incomplete resource list of instruments and software you can use to construct your own “studio” (or just studio, if you’re going legitimate)(S) Reason
    (S) Logic
    (S) Pro Tools
    (S) Fruity Loops
    (S) Ableton Live
    (S) Dr. Drum
    Electric Drumset
    Bass Guitar
    MIDI Keyboard
    Drum Machine
    Soundproofing Material or “Sound Catchers” (My preferred term)
  4. Freewrite – Take ten minutes now, plug your guitar in, start the audio/MIDI/clay pot recorder and jamIf you’re connected to the computer, you’re lucky because you can use software to do plenty of things with the music you record.If you just have a recording device, you’re still lucky, because you can really get an organic feel or style of music to conform to whatever you want… Which can be a lot harder than just doing it to the software and making music through the very robotic interface straight away.
  5. Eliminate – David Jenyn, my music producer friend, invests three hours into every minute of edited video he makes (and his video is typically very good); it’s you’re music, but this is generally a good idea to get “Just the right feel” in your songs.It’s a good idea to invest more time into your work, because this is the part where you chip away at the diamond in the rough and make instrumentals of yours epic and amazing once and for all–not to mention “Shiny.”


Follow these ideas, and you’ll be well on your way to making excellent content for everyone to enjoy. Let’s make it happen.


Life is Go; Life is Good! Talk to you soon!

Your Friend at PlayGrind,

~ Aaron


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