How Justin Bieber Relates to Your Music Publishing Career (How to Increase Your Fanbase by One or More in the Next 24 Hours)

If you want to convince somebody to like your music, you need two things (this goes for everything): You need to be good/have excellent skill and natural talent, and you need to make your music and yourself known to the world. You won’t get much love or all the groupies you can handle (and not to mention the money) if all you are is good and not performing for everyone.

Let’s take into account Justin Bieber. Have you ever listened to his music or watched his movie, Never Say Never? Well, it shows EXACTLY how to become a quality and outstanding person in ANY profession because: One) He has natural talent, super-powered and expressed through his love of the world and its people, and Two) He has the natural enthusiasm and desire to go out and perform for everyone and every website and every radio station imaginable.

That’s the key, if you want to get yourself up and coming, you can:

  1. Make yourself better by: Practicing every day for a set amount of time (30 mins +), Going out and getting lesson, Reading the biographies of the most excellent musicians you can think of, Reaching out to people you admire and accept them as your mentor, and/or Mentoring others
  2. Make yourself known by:’ Going out and playing for people, Recording yourself playing for people (or record yourself with the less effective solo session), Publish your work to social websites, Communicate with the blogs and radio stations to help get your songs out there (Justin Bieber did a LOT of this)

What if you did something every day to improve these two areas, even by a little bit? If you improve yourself and your skill, the people you do encounter will love to hear from you more. If you do improve how your make yourself and your music known every day, anywhere from five years to next month, I’m willing to bet big money that your viewers and fans will skyrocket.

Let’s see how this works for you–Talk soon!

(Note: If you do increase your fanbase by at least one because of this, we expect to hear your comments below…lol! We read all of them.)

Food for thought from your friends at,

Jim and Aaron

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