How to Speak Thor: 16 Terms You Must Know About This Modular Synth

(Thanks, Hjistory for the image)

To speak Thor with a fellow friend and generate music at a faster rate, consider these ten terms for your erudition.

The Terms:

  1. Modular Synth (i.e. Thor – en pluribus unum) Synthesizer that plugs in as a piece of the whole sound system set up
  2. Oscillator – The device used to generate the signal–technically your guitar is an oscillator
  3. Crossfaders – A device that allows the DJ to be super cool and change presets of modular synths to accompany his demands of style from the entire soundboard.
  4. Waveform – Determines the “shape” of the music – the sound you hear is entirely based on this and the filters created
  5. Delay –  The stupid factor; this is the time between striking and perceiving the note…
  6. Attack – The spazzity, intensity, psychopathic nature of of the note; one might classify this as abruptness of the note… how soon, intense, a note “hits you”
  7. Velocity – volume based on how fast the key is pressed (based off of the observation that a piano string when fastly hit will play louder than a piano string hit slowly) 
  8. Decay – How much sound actually plays in the note?
  9. Trigger – Anything X that you can set to effect Y (example, if you set your oven to 350 degrees, your computer will play the note “G”)
  10. Mastering – Polishing your sound(s) for the end-user; giving your music the extra buff… this is what makes your music sexy
  11. Normalization – Making your music not as fucking loud
  12. Amplitude (Obvious, I know) –  The maximum extent of a vibration or oscillation, measured from the position of equilibrium.
  13. Redrum – A drum machine that slaves itself to the superiority of Thor
  14. Subtractive Synthesis –  The process of creating a new sound by filtering and shaping a raw, harmonically complex waveform
  15. RPG-8 – A “Monophonic Arpeggiator” which has nothing to do with Thor, it’s just cool if you want to consider adding cool arpeggios to your Thor-based song
  16. Arpeggios – Melodies created from chords


To push these ideas further into your mind, consider one of three approaches:


  1. Write a story about how the modular synth attacked the master(ing) and caused a delay in the release of the note which would have gone at an intense velocity. This absurd provocation triggered a man to trigger an RPG at his Redrum machine because even in the midst of everything, he knew that Oscillating between Thor and this crappy software would only cause his waveforms to dissipate into nothingness… Too bad, though, that he didn’t know about the Crossfaders… which could have allowed him to incorporate both.
  2. LINC these words of wisdom to yo’ mind.
  3. Study Genius Code by Paul Scheele, ask yourself excellent questions, and then rock your own world when you discover how much you know.

If you apply these strategies to learning this content, you will do some amazing things with your life (and Thor).


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