In What Situations Do We Want to Avoid the Use of Computer Software?

A bottle of water when traversing the desert can save your life. A bottle of water when treading water in the middle of the ocean without a lifejacket does nothing for us.


It’s important to recognize that everything helps us in moderation. Facebook, Friendship, food, water, oxygen… we all gain the most benefit when we get “Just enough” of these things. Let’s use computer software when appropriate (i.e. mastering) and not let it clog up the process. Other components of life will help you make the music you like.


The two biggest places to avoid computer software, to me, includes improvisations (you can still use the in-software synth… just don’t edit as you go) and then public performances, which uses the same rules as improvisation. Etc.


A rule of thumb you can follow: Simply play first… just develop your music and play with your instruments. THEN go into the editing process.

This is Writing 101.


Improvise: Play music for X amount of time (say, ten minutes–but ideally thirty minutes to an hour).

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