Interesting Insights on How to Make Instrumentals from a Video Producer

And, of course, how to make instrumentals from a music publisher.

If you want to make really quality beats that people will love and flock to, then maybe consider an e-mail conversation I had with David Jenyns, an Internet Entrepreneur who specializes in video.

How a Conversation with a Video Producer

Transformed How I Make Instrumentals

I had asked him about his ratio of capture time to edit time. He said:

“..For capture to edit time… typically 3 hours per edited minute for more complex things.
And can be anything less depending on complexity.”

Based on this post, if you were to apply his rule to how you make your instrumentals, you’d spend about three hours for every minute of song you produce. And because this guy has some super-star videos, including his Melbourne Video Production site, it’s definitely worth checking out for when you make these instrumentals of yours rock.

Things you can do/incoporate within your song to make instrumentals of yours awesome:

  • Read literature about the theme of your song
  • Read literature about musicians that play music similar to the music you create
  • Listen to related music
  • Listening to the totally opposite realm of music
  • Study trends and apply cool new methodologies to your work
  • Study people who already make instrumentals and spend the three hours per minute doing what they do.


Time to Invest in Your Music

If you invest three hours looking for  inspiration and weave the inspiration you receive into your instrumentals, you’ll make your instrumental incredibly fascinating and wonderful to listen to.


Your Action Step: Observe your latest work and ask, “Have I really invested three hours into every 60-second part of this song? Have I applied the inspiration and musical patterns to really achieve the effect I aimed for?” Then go to the first minute of your song, and then set the timer for two hours, take a thirty minute break, then put it back on for another hour as you focus entirely on that first minute of your song. Then repeat this step for the other minutes of your song.


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