So You Want to Make an App–12 Sounds to Incorporate Into Your Apple or Android App

This is just a fun post to give you some ideas in the chance that you’re creating the next #1 app for Apple or Android devices.

These are simply ideas (ideas which stem from a source of an infinitely greater number of ideas—our mind) for sound effects, yet you might even use these ideas as a theme with which to create cool background (or foreground) music that flows and works with your song.

The List:

  1. Nails Dropping, Bouncing on Cement
  2. Shingle/Hay Elevator
  3. Cars on a Busy Bridge, Heard from Underneath
  4. A Busy Bar (Possibly with a Friendly, or Angry, Drunk)
  5. Girls Giggling (or Laughing Hysterically)
  6. Guys Laughing (or Giggling?)
  7. Sound of a Busy Xbox Controller (Preferably the sound of a controller played by an expert CoD player)
  8. A Family Fight About to Resolve
  9. Pen Scratching on Paper (I love this sound)
  10. Typing (“Clicking”) on a Computer Keyboard with Mouse Clicks
  11. Horses (Farm Animals) Eating (Nom, nom, nyom)
  12. People Eating

This list originally had commentary with each of these. A funny commentary goes with the last one that you’ll want to read: “The sound of a woman chewing a glass-crisp, light-green salad… with the very, very light sound of ranch dressing brushing the tiny peach hairs beneath her bottom lip. Yum.”

Enjoy :)


Talk soon, man!

Your Friend,

~ Aaron


P.S. The bolded are my favorites.

P.P.S. Here is the website for the app to show what Jim did by recording sounds like those mentioned above.

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