The Mistake SEO’s Make – OR – How To Market Your Products Effectively Without Hassle In No Time Flat

This is not an optimized post. This is a post that recognizes the mistake that I–and many other SEO’s (Search Engine Optimizers)–have made.

You see, many SEO’s–including me–try to fulfill a demand that isn’t there. We either try to get people to search for us when there’s already WAY too much competition OR we try to get people to search for us… when nobody’s searching for that keyword!

But what’s even worse, though, is the mistake behind that mistake (i.e. the “meta-mistake”). We ask ourselves “How do I get traffic to my website?” instead of asking ourselves “What does Google need fulfilled?”

The reason this mistake is so deadly to our traffic and our sales is because Google will EASILY let us go to the top. It’ll easily let us go to the top by giving us massive value in the form of (qualified) traffic. But Google typically only gives us value in proportion to the value that we give Google.

And it’s so easy to get all that traffic, all those people, to our site… We just need to give Google what it wants–which is what people are actually searching for. And we can find what people are actually searching for IF we ask ourselves, “What does Google need fulfilled?”

If we get out of ourselves and out of our comfort zone, Google can become the greatest business partner anyone has ever had.

Let’s change things up.

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