The Next Level

If we could research and figure out the answer to one question or one area, what would it be? What area of research and development would give you the most satisfaction, the most love and connection as well as growth and contribution to the world in how we actually contribute value?


Because this music-based blog covers three main things: music publishing, app developing, and sphere-making.

We want to focus on one.



Each of these subjects provide excellent insights into the possibility of what we can create:

  • If you want to monetize your music most effectively, then we’ll focus this blog on the best insights to music publishing you’ve ever seen—this will likely cover some music creation tips here and there, just for fun


  • If you want develop and market your own app, we’re certainly not experts yet, but we’ll keep you in the loop with our progress as we bring people who ARE experts on this site; we’ll give you exactly what you want in this area


  • If you want to make wickedly cool spheres made out of the rarest rocks, we’ll cover this awesome subject as well, too; Jim has a website called, and he does some pretty wicked business on that site—it’s somewhat popular


So let me know what you want to learn more of, and we’ll take things to the next level in whatever area we see the most demand.

Talk soon, friend!

Your Friend,

~ Aaron


P.S. If you’re into music publishing, here’s a post on making instrumentals that you can apply to crafting your music publishing deals as well.

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