We’re Changing Things at PlayGrind: A Lesson from Warren Buffett!

You. You’re coming here for a specific reason. I’d bet big money that you’re coming here for one of six reasons. You’re coming here to:

  • Be more certain about the world (maybe you need money and a new way of  making it)
  • Be entertained (maybe you like the humor or style of writing)
  • Be important…(this is a site that’s somewhat exclusive to the public)
  • Connect and be loved via this site (there’s a person writing this content; in that way, we’re connecting)
  • Grow (“We’re either growing or dying” ~ Tony Robbins)
  • Contribute (Maybe you saw my post and wanted to give me your readership?)


Well, an idea inspired by Warren Buffett struck me recently. To put this post in focus and in perspective, here’s a lesson from Warren Buffett:
“[Lesson] 11.You don’t need to be able to do that many things right to succeed. In fact, success is inversely proportional to how many things you try to do. Do a few things really well. Focus on that. Hire others to do the rest or don’t do it at all. The most successful businesses and people have a much longer list of what they aren’t willing to do, than what they actually spend time on. Warren is notorious for how many things he’s says no to. Stay within your circle of competence. When in doubt, do less” (Scott)

This means that we can help you obtain more of the six reasons you’re searching for by cutting out more.


Observe the quality content that comes in from now on, and you’ll observe the gravity within this quote.


You’ll like the results. I guarantee it.

You’ll get more focus, more love, more quality on the ideas you desire. Take note of this, and we look forward to seeing you on the other side, the other PlayGrind.


Talk soon!

~ Aaron (Representative of Jim Meeker for PlayGrind.com)

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