What Would Happen If You Made Your Music Better and Better… Not Perfect? (Plus: Music Theory)

This question results from a business-based home-study course titled, How to Build a Profitable Business from Scratch by Eben Pagan. You’ll find this important because he demonstrates how people ruin their ability to develop because of their perfectionistic attitudes on the world of meeting needs and building products and marketing.

If only people would focus on improvement, then people would skyrocket their ability to craft and produce beautiful, da Vinci (or Michael Jackson) level music. I say this with absolute certainty, because everything I applied this “Better and Better” method too (including music) has doubled, tripled and quadrupled in quantity quality.


What happened with me when I used this? With music, I now play for fifteen to fifty minutes every day at a rather advanced level (chord progressions and scale-oriented melodies in harmony with each other)–where I used to only play for ten minutes at a really crappy level.

If that’s not a shift in the quality of life and the music we create, then  I don’t know what is.


To proselytize yourself from the clogged cog world of perfectionism, go for “Great” by asking, “What could I do better,” instead of “Why can’t I make this perfect?”


Run: Ask yourself this question right now and, when you go out in the world, for whatever purpose, ask yourself this wheneveryou’ll enjoy your life about fifty times better–especially within the context of whatever you focus on.


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