Who Can Help the Most with Music Theory and Your Music?

Any person I know who succeeded the most (such as Trent Reznor, Justin Bieber, Michael Phelps) has always allowed an outer source, or a “music mentor” of sorts,  to help guide him along his path and chip away at the diamond he is.

For you and/or I, this outer source will first compress the coal that we might be in a given area… which will give us the diamond in the rough that he can “chip” in the first place.


So who will help you most with music theory and compress your carbon-based self-image into a beautiful diamond in the rough? Your audience, another professional musician, a professional teacher, and/or someone who already made it big in the music business (I consider this one step above “professional musician).
To help these people help you most, observe a few things, such as: How do you physiologically change your audience when they hear your music; what do they say after you play; and what does the professional musician recommend upon hearing your music?


If you need to contact these “music mentors” in the first place, act on the following: e-mail VIPs constantly, always make new music, improve what you have, study your best sources of music theory, call these VIPs, visit these VIP’s in person, deliver whatever you promise, and then, finally, enjoy life.

For more information on contacting big time artists and music publishers, I highly recommend that you peruse this excerpt when leaving your voicemails or meeting them in person:

“The best elevator pitch doesn’t pitch your project. It pitches the meeting about your project. The best elevator pitch is true, stunning, brief and it leaves the listener eager (no, desperate) to hear the rest of it.”

No one ever bought anything on an elevator by Seth Godin

Additionally, (and I just realized that you can download for free from Tony’s website!) you might consider books such as Selling to Vito, which  =^)

Because every musician needs to learn to sell his music.


Action Step (Repeated for Effect): Go now and massage the kinks and flaws from your music with the help of the music mentors above with the strategy given above.


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  1. […] Who Can Help the Most with Music Theory and Your Music? […]

  2. […] Who Can Help the Most with Music Theory and Your Music? […]

  3. […] Who Can Help the Most with Music Theory and Your Music? […]

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