Why do we enjoy Reason over other software?

To save lives with the least pain and the most precision, you need the sharpest scalpel and tools available.

We enjoy Reason above the others simply because we’ve familiarized ourselves more with this technology more so than the other pieces of technology (mostly).  Otherwise, we simply know that Reason exudes a level of power much greater than Fruity Loops or Ableton, it seems.

You can probably prove me wrong, because we can do plenty with whatever resource we’ve installed on our computer (an artist will make art with charcoal and paper or a turd and a wall), but you can use a sharp scalpel to perform a triple bypass… or your unclipped fingernails. No one will stop you… except maybe the police.


Seriously, if you check out Reason, you’ll end up freaking out about how great it is. No one but you can figure out what software works for you.


Download: Download Reason from www.propellerhead.se.


About the Latest App: Pull out your iPhone right now, unlock the screen, go to the App Store, Search “Atmospheres,” then click “Buy Now” to get Jim’s amazing app, Atmospheres… available now!

Or you can act like a cheap bastard and buy the free version… lol :)

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