Why Does One Not Want To Invest The Time To Make His Music Great?

To extend the discussion of music theory from our earlier chord progression theory post, this question penetrates the reason why people relinquish one of the “liquid” (cashable) and exciting opportunities available in the human experience: Bashing an instrument to hell to make random pattern of sounds.

Now, if you don’t read this post and make yourself privy to the reasons you might not work like a dog on your music, you then chain yourself and those who surround you  to mediocrity, because simple awareness could solve these problems of yours.


I now type for you the reasons why an individual might not invest the time to make his music great

  • Because he creates images in his head of people frowning and ignoring him and his music; he compares everything he does with the greats instead of observing his own progress
  • Because his parents laugh at him or told him he’s “Too loud” when he’d enjoy himself and his music
  • Because he might freeze in the complexity of music and the theory involved that expresses how to relate notes to each other for the effect he wants
  • Because he attempted to perfect his music instead of making it better… and better… and better (big difference here)

To transfer the person from accruing reasons why he invests too little  time into his music to: “Why he invests too much time into his music, do the following:

  1. Figure out what he values most (done by asking, “What’s most important to you in life?”)
  2. Ask him how not playing music violates that value.
  3. Offer him a solution for how he can meet that value with music.
  4. Then continue to talk about music creation with that highest value–implicitly (i.e. just talk about the sounds and what sounds he’d make with a “Free” moment or a “Loving” memory… etc.)

Dance: Seriously, if you or someone you know invests too little time in his or your music, then get up right now, grab a sheet of paper, write down the answer to, “What’s most important to me in Life?” then finish the rest of the steps. Do this now.


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  2. […] Why Does One Not Want To Invest The Time To Make His Music Great? […]

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