Why Doing Digital Music Distribution Through YouTube Is a Great Idea (Word of the Day: Mechanical)

So you feel infuriated that 14,536 people just downloaded your song free of charge? This post explains why you should feel happiness in these seemingly dark times for your songs and current vehicles of digital music distribution . This post also explains what to do about the whole download thing. World-famous, multi-millionaire Internet marketers back the ideas suggested in this post–these marketers sell products in formats identical to your songs.


Digital Music Distribution Nowadays


When you consider digital music distribution, whether in the legal or illegal sense, things have changed where a user can actually rip the mp3 from a YouTube video straight off the bat.

This means that the game is likely going to change entirely, making music free for everyone in the long run (or ridiculously cheap anyway). Tools are available that makes music-generation exponentially easier, and even though the power has shifted tothe individual, it appears that such means of digital music distribution cuts a pretty hefty hole in the music publisher’s pocket.

The real money appears to lie within the ever-increasing entertainment industry. Musicians and music publishers in this business in music recognize that the entertainment industry has elevated from X to Y and continues to elevate (and likely will continue to elevate… people like to feel good).


Digital Music Distribution Done Right


Yet, in the realm of mechanical licenses (licenses that allow audio-only distribution through digital music distribution companies like Apple), there’s still a means of creating an income through public channels like YouTube (even though people can download it). If you constantly distribute content through these channels and increase your fanbase and views, you’ll grab a certain percentage of the growing number of people who will want to buy your music.

At the very least, when you distribute your music in whatever ways available, you’re more likely to land a fun gig with Kia and the Kia hamsters (LMFAO) or with the latest video games (Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt” on Prototype 2… Even though he’s not around anymore).

Either way, digital music distribution is simply a means of value distribution. The more value you create for others, the more the world will pay you. Sure, governments and companies may set up systems to ensure your payment, but in the end, what you get paid is the value you give to the world.


Where To Go From Here

Your Recommended Digital Music Distribution Campaign:  Put everything you own on YouTube, SoundCloud, SoundClick, MySpace. Put the best, most amazing content, and you’ll improve your following… and eventually the thickness of your wallet.


How much do people value you and what you do? If we keep on increasing the answer to this question for you and program ourselves to forever increase the answer to this question, I would bet my keyboard (I love my keyboard) that you will make a lot of money.

Life is good, and thanks for being here. We love you, friend.

~ Your Friend, Aaron



Go with us as we explore time and space with music publishing: For more information on music publishing companies. If you’re still in the process of creating music (I expect that you and I always are), here’s some quality information on how to make instrumentals great (with insights from a video producer).

For outside sources, you might consider all things Eben Pagan, Joe Polish, Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Ed Dale (His other website: The Challenge, and/or “Guru Bob.” These guys interact with and create revenue with information in (exact) same format that your music comes in. These guys deal with digital information distribution (the general topic music lies under).

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