Why You Might Be Giving Up The Greatest Assets of All Time

[Note: Some Graphic Content]

A sixty-something-year-old man told me how a VC pinned down his squadron.

I had asked earlier if he was hunted (was selling vitamins at the time), and I made a shooting motion with my hands to indicate the recoil of a deer rifle. I saw his expression change immediately he continued to relay to me calmly and and nonchalantly, “Yeah I hunt.

“Oh, you want to hear something interesting?” he smiled a half-smile in a friendly, open way, “I was in Vietnam about fifty years ago, and I had gotten a call from my spotter via his giant-ass radio that a Vietcong had pinned down fellow friendlies about two clicks up…that’s X yards.

Well, moving forward toward where we perceived the squadron was pinned down, we stayed about 600 feet away from their location in order to locate the enemy friendly.

Well, my spotter/radio guy had seen something in the tree, almost by accident, but he pointed me and I looked and all you could see was this part-section of his right face. He had camoflauged himself entirely from every other point forward.

I proceeded to pull my gun and propped it on a nasty, rotting log before me, and I looked into my scope knowing full well what was going to happen next.

I was proud of that shot. 600 hundred yards we found it was. I had pointed that gun at him and landed a bullet in his left eye…that’s the right eye to us.

The guy was strapped to a tree, and brain was on the tree had strapped himself into, not to mention the blood dripping down from one branch to the next. I felt no emotion from that except the happiness that our friends were safe.”

The concept, “Filtering,” is one of the most important fundamentals we must handle. If not consciously recognized and used, there’s a large chance we’ll end up filtering the things that will end up killing us: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially…physically.

Take special note of this distinctions.

Filtering effectively can give you the tremendous feeling of all the love the world has to offer; filtering ineffectively can mean being the loneliest man in the world.

Filtering effectively can mean having the best sex life you’ve ever had; filtering ineffectively can mean having absolutely zero sex-life.

Filtering effectively can mean all the wealth you could ever dream of; filtering ineffectively can mean living on the edge of death in the disease of poverty.

Filtering effectively can mean life; filtering ineffectively can mean death (take the simple case of a soldier in Vietnam looking for a sniper; or the motorcyclist jumping the 21 cars…who requires absolute focus on the correct speed + the absolute vision that he’ll land the jump).

Filters have been known since the days of Socrates, in the form of questions. A question sends a probe into our minds and gets us all the resources in our current reality, and brings them to our conscious focus. Later, it’d be discovered through literature and observation that emotions and specific words (which are vocal anchors to particular feelings) drastically change the resources we take note of and use.

If you find your self saying things like “Why do I always do this lousy action!” or “F&%# my life” or “What bad would they think of me if I did this,” you’re filtering in all the junks that comes into your life, Aka Filtering ineffectively.

Whereas if you find yourself focusing on things like, “Why am I so awesome,” or “I don’t know why, I’ve just always been a great student,” or “I’m f&%#ing awesome,” you’re going to get dramatically different results in the quality of the resources available at your command, Aka Filtering effectively.

If you really want to change the true quality of your life, you can follow this really simply process that I found through a couple men named Tony Robbins and Napoleon Hill. It goes like this…

Look forward to tomorrow’s blog post to find out exactly how to change the way you filter your life style!

We look forward to talking to you soon!

Your Friends from PlayGrind.com,

Jim Meeker (Creator of Atmospheres) and Aaron Bell (Partner)!

(P.S. Atmosphere is a GREAT tool to help you begin your journey to effective filtering…It sends waves to your brain to automatically put you in the emotion or state that will give you the result you want most effectively with modern technology…look forward to tomorrow’s post to learn more!)


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